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Wizard’s Keep Review

Wizard’s Keep is an action RPG developed by Substance Games. Substance Games is the same developer who brought us Miner Dig Deep. So I was excited to review this game, an RPG made by a developer who has already created something great. So here is how it went.

I played the trial first and was like I have to have this game. The art is cartoonie and a bit basic. The fighting seemed pretty simple at first; you get a shield to use to attempt to block things with the RT, press A for your quick swing and B for your strong but slow swing. The game locks onto the enemy you are attacking but you can change that by pressing the LT. As you kill enemies you gain experience based on the level of the enemies. You have a to do list (That reminds me of a grocery list). I don’t know why but one of the first things is to clean the cobwebs out of your house. Later you will be trying to upgrade your house, but this list of things to do keeps you on track of your next mission.

So from dungeon to dungeon to crawl killing enemies that look a bit different from you, but for the most part use the same weapons you use. You have a myriad of choices when it comes to buying weapons and as you level up the weapons available also increase in level. They are costly though. So I know I tended to stay with one weapon a lot longer than intended till I could grind enough gold and gems out of enemies to afford a better weapon or more health packs. As you gain levels you choose where the points will go, Strength, Speed, Defense, and Constitution. Each choice will better your character in different ways.

When you level up and increase your Strength you will be able to choose a special ability every couple of levels. The abilities are A Power Attack, A Spinning Stun Attack, and Heal. I don’t know why the Heal ability is under strength, but it is. Choosing the right special abilities can be important for speedy progression through the dungeons.

So like any standard RPG, you’ll be buying weapons, armor, useless stuff (for your house in this case) and health packs. To make the money to afford the better equipment I found myself grinding far to often. I’m not one to usually complain about grinding in an RPG, but after you’ve gone through the same dungeon 4 or 5 times it starts to grate a little. I found forced fights a little hard to see when it zooms out so you can see the full room. This was the only time I had any real difficulty seeing what I was doing.

Wizard’s Keep does support a second player, not to jump into your game but you can start one with another player and go through the dungeon with a friend The screen will attempt to have both players on it at all time but if the second player really falls behind they will fall off the screen and only an arrow will point the way towards them. With my partner this wasn’t much of a problem, and the second player made both the dungeon crawling more entertaining as well as a little easier. After playing the game with a second player it really felt like a fresh breath had been blown into the game and brought some new excitement to it.

The things that bothered me and might some other gamers are as listed. I found the enemies for the most part sort of bland. The grinding in single player is a chore that I can’t see a way around. The disorienting zoom out in the important fights. Last of all I wasn’t all that drawn in by the music, it wasn’t bad music but it didn’t really grab me.

When all is said and done though, I give this game a 4 out of 5.
You’ll get a lot of playtime for your buck with this one.

Miner Dig Deep Review

This game doesn’t take long to draw you in. Although no real point or plot takes place within the game. The soothing music fades into that background nicely and becomes unnoticed after a time. It also has simple graphics reminding me a little of dig dug, but in no way does this detract from the game. In Miner Dig Deep by Substance Games you dig yourself a mine collecting valuable gems and ores to sell for better equipment to dig your mine deeper and deeper. I have yet to find a maximum depth but whether there is one or not you will spend hours engrossed in digging the perfect mine.

There are challenges within your mine though. If you dig too much in an area you can cause random cave-ins. Digging under a boulder could bring it crashing down on your head, and falling from great heights will take you out as well. Not to mention digging yourself into a hole you can’t escape. None of these things kill you, but you do lose any ore or gems you had on hand. This can set you back greatly when it comes to getting that new pick axe.

As you get deeper new challenges appear like pitfalls you can’t see till you are right on them. All the while you will widdle hours away without even noticing it. This game has no challenges or points other than those you make for yourself, it is your mine and you can do what you want with it. Miner Dig Deep is family friendly and has a nice save feature, supporting 3 different saved games. This game is easy to get into and hard to put down.

I easily give this game a 5 out of 5.