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War of the Roses Review

War of the Roses is an medieval multiplayer action game by Paradox Interactive. War of the Roses takes place during the battle between Lancaster and York. If you like big battles, close combat fighting games or just multiplayer in general then read on.

As of right now War of the Roses has 3 game modes; your typical Team Death Match, your Conquest Mode and the fun yet dangerous Pitched Battle Mode. A fourth mode titled Assault Castle will be coming out with the Kingmaker update. Team Death Match is your common TDM mode. Conquest is your capture points and hold them as you fight for the next location. Pitched Battle is a bit harder, it is your one life only Team Death Match Mode divided into rounds. Team that wins the most rounds wins. As far as the Assault Castle Mode goes we’ll have to wait till tomorrow (March 21st, 2013) for its release if I have the date right.

The fighting mechanics are a tad confusing at first. With attacks and defending relying heavily on the direction you move your mouse as you press and hold the defense or attack. A wrong direction here can quickly cost you your life or have you banging your sword into a wall. I like this element to the game, the added complexity, while not great, is enough to keep me on my toes. As a result the game lends towards practiced play especially with one’s chosen weapon(s).

As you level up more weapons, perks, armors and fighting styles, metal types and numerous other features from mounts to colors. The perks, weapon and armor will be what makes the most difference to how you play, the fighting styles and metal types, and other little features make small adjustments both positive in some aspects and negative in others allowing for a ton of tweaking to find the set up that fits you best. While it seems at times some weapons are overpowered *couch Longsword cough cough*. There are ways to get around all weapon and armor combinations. I just haven’t figured out the longsword’s weakness, I will though.

All the weapons, armors and everything really is purchased through coins earned on the battlefields, or bought. Although I can say it doesn’t make the game feel unbalanced. I don’t feel it has that pay to win feeling at all. It may take you longer to earn enough to unlock everything (especially if they continue to add more and more weapons and features), but it seems definitely doable. Until then you just need to be more choosy about which upgrades you take to figure out what works best for you. Really it isn’t hard to earn experience and gold though as long as you have a few friends to get a match going with there are always open servers at least every time I’ve been on.

The game currently has two complaints on my part. One Squad leaders have abilities that can help their squad yet rarely are they ever used. I know this isn’t at the fault of the game, but more at the community. The other issue is that I have seen one hack to the game allowing a character to speed around like they had a motor attached to their ass. I was disappointed by this and hope a fix will stop this in the future.

Outside of my issues I look forward to the Kingmaker update can’t wait to see all the stuff it adds to the game as well as how the future controller support plays out. It may make the combat more fluid and a bit less difficult to master, but in the end how will it hold up to the current game speed is a question.

The War of The Roses is a game that brings damn good fun and is a welcome multiplayer game. I hope they keep voice chat out of the game, to often do I feel a good game experience is ruined by obnoxious, rude and insulting other players. Forcing them to type out their ignorant statements and becomes far easier to ignore.

This game easily earns it’s 4 out of bloody 5 and that’s a high score for a multiplayer only game in my books.

Defenders of Ardania Review

Ever played Majesty 1 or 2? Well, that is the setting for Defenders of Ardania. Published by Paradox Interactive and Developed by Most Wanted Entertainment, Defenders of Ardania takes a different spin to the tower defense genre, although not too much of a jump. While this game will be coming out on multiple platforms, this preview/review was done with the PC version.

Defenders of Ardania is all about protecting your kingdom as well as assisting others in protecting theirs. The key aspect to the game is it isn’t all about placing your towers. You are playing both sides in this TD game as you build towers you will also be sending out troops to take out the enemies castle. Battles are not always one on one, sometimes you have partners and sometimes they do. Another big change is that you can not place your towers wherever you want. You can even place some in the pathway to force enemy troops to go around them. All this and  your buying troops to send down the path to destroy your enemies castle.

Another interesting limitation to placing your towers is that they can only be built within 4 squares of another of your towers. So to control the field you need to build your towers fast and cross the field to get the best positioning as soon as possible. This can give you a huge advantage over your opponent. Although they may take the time to build the better blocking route to prevent your success and holding the key points may not seem as important if they manage that. Between the 3 races, there are multiple towers to build each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Sending out your troops is your only way to victory though. You must take out the enemies fortress or it will only be a matter of time before they take out yours. Either that or you will be at a stand still. This almost occurred with me when I made a clumsy and heavily mistake filled tower placement layout at the beginning of the stage. This can drastically alter the route both your troops and the computers will be forced to take. Also much like any good tower defense game there are multiple types of units you have the ability to send out in waves. Further into the game you will gain access to more troop types as well as the ability to send out more waves in a row without having to wait.

One of the last big things about the game is the use of magic. You can use resources to cast spells of different types.  The first spell you gain access to is to repair the damage to your castle. This is a spell that can be extremely useful. Other spells destroy towers or units. This brings a lot of real time action to the match.

With a myriad of tower types, troop types, and spells the battles are quite interesting. I especially like how only some troops will attack enemy troops or enemy towers, this adds a great degree of thought when it comes to hiring your next set of troops. Not only that but that they become better the more you use them and eventually a hero troop will be purchasable for that troop type. These guys are nearly unstoppable.

Where this game truly looks to shine is in multiplayer. I was unable to test this theory though. It is set up to be a great TD multiplayer experience.  Something I believe many tower defense players really are looking for.

This game has been released for the IPad. PC and console releases are planned but no release date has been announced to my knowledge.

From what I’ve played I give this a 4 out of 5 especially if the multiplayer holds to the single player aspects. I just can’t wait to see myself getting crushed by the TD fanatics out there.

Sengoku Preview Review

On Sept 13th 2011, Paradox Interactive will be releasing Sengoku for the PC. Sengoku is a strategy game that takes place during the Feudal wars of Japan. It’s big thing is that it takes a different approach to the genre than most games. It’s not all about battles although they have their place..To take Japan in this game will take a lot more cunning than that.

So let me start of first by saying that this game is not for the casual strategy gamer. It is complex and political and takes some strategies you may not be used to employing. A lot of the game play is through your relationships with leaders of other clans as well as members within your own clan. With all the clan leaders out to take the position of the new shogun, You have to decide is that going to be you or are you just helping someone else out. It’s your responsibility in the game to lead your clan to victory.

Unlike a lot of strategy games there are no actual difficulty levels in this game. The difficulty is decided by the clan you pick at the start of game. As you look through the different clan leaders you will see the difficulty level the game would be by playing said clan. It’s not that the game is harder or easier on you in AI it is just that some clans are already established at the beginning of the game while others are already at war and may be losing. A number of factors are at play so choosing a clan with a high difficulty is pretty much starting with a clan that is at the bottom of the totem pole. With so many clans to chose from this really gives you an opportunity to see many sides with the game.

Now what makes this game stand out is the honor system. Everything you want to do will come down to money and/or honor. If you have a neighbor that you want to get rid of but he has never attacked you, to do it your going to have to pay honor.  If your honor is too low you may be asked to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) in order to restore some sense of honor to your remaining clan. This is especially important because if the clan leader you are playing dies by any means, you will take the role of the clan’s successor. In Sengoku you will arrange marriages for your children with the children of other clan leaders to forge bonds as well as create a proper succession. All while attempting to keep your honor high enough to do the things you need or want to accomplish.

With everything from choosing a clan religion to hiring ninjas to perform acts you don’t want to be credited for Sengoku has a lot to offer. Once you get the hang of what is happening on how to perform these tasks yourself, you can find that there is a great deal of strategy in this game. Although this may take a few rough starts where you feel completely helpless and overwhelmed with the options and controls. The menu system isn’t the easiest thing to maneuver and I make a strong recommendation to reading the manual and watching the video below for assistance in getting a grasp of the game.

While the game plays with time constantly passing and you taking your actions in real time. This can become problematic so you can speed up or slow down and even pause time. This allows you to set up a number of actions all at once as well as take a look around at what is going on throughout the rest of Japan. If it wasn’t for the ability to pause time to issue out commands I am sure I would have completely drowned in the interface.

I will say that Sengoku is not about great graphics. You don’t go down to the battlefield to control your troops in battle, so if that is what you want in a game you will be disappointed here. From my experience graphics are not what makes a great strategy game. So if you can get a handle on the menu system and ignore the fact that this isn’t the best visual experience, you will be in for a different style of war and strategy.

In the end I highly recommend this game to serious strategy gamers. I give it a 4 out of 5, but I think the casual gamer may struggle with this one, I did at first. Don’t give up though and once it all starts clicking this game is really fun.

Sengoku comes out on Sept 13th 2011 for $29.99 you can get it from

The Demo can be found Here