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Runespell: Overture Review

When solitaire just isn’t enough, Runespell: Overture by Mystic Box is now here to fill the void. You know that void between Solitaire, Poker, and RPGs or card dueling games. Runespell is a little of all these and puts it together in a nice little package for the PC.

To be honest Runespell is a lot less RPG than it is a card dueling game with a few sprinkles of RPG elements. Those elements consist of an actual story with quests outside of your main goal. Primarily the game and story is told through the duels between you and other characters and monsters, as you try to find out who you are and what you are meant to do. The story takes place in the dark ages as Christianity and the old religions butted heads, you are taken to a land that is still filled with magic and the old ways primarily Norse.

As you walk along the various paths you find enemies appear on the map, some you have to face others you can choose to. When you enter a battle with an opponent you have your hit points, rage points and your equipped power cards. You will be attempting to make hands of 5 cards like poker. When you have a poker hand depending on how good the hand is you can use it to make an attack worth an amount of damage based on how good the hand was. No wondering how much damage you will do with these attacks. When you attack or are attacked your RP goes up although the same happens to your opponent.

When you have gained enough RP you will be able to use a power card. Power cards have many types of effects, like direct damage of specific elements or defensive shields. There are healing cards and poison type cards as well as cards that increase the amount of moves you can make on your turn. These cards act as spells and assists from allies. Some have infinite uses while others will run out and you will need to purchase more of that card to use it in future battles. You can also sell cards you have obtained from fights to purchase more of cards you need. Before each battle you have the ability to change your equipped cards for the fight.

The means of making a poker hand and when to activate a hands attack are up to you. You can steal cards from the opponents piles as long as they are not already grouped with other cards. The opponent on his turn can and will do the same. When you move a card from a pile on your side the next card is shown, although when you remove a card from the enemy the next card will not show until there turn starts.

While all the battles seem pretty even matched. As you progress and get better cards you will reach new enemies that will match you in difficulty. I found it really hard at times to get ahead and had to go back to get a bunch of cards to sell and buy more useful cards, just to keep the battles from feeling so 50/50. So although I wasn’t grinding for levels like you might in some RPGs I felt acquiring the cards for each new step ended up being pretty much the same.

I think a huge downside to this game is that although it is a card dueling game, there is no multiplayer. An aspect that is pretty much a standard in the dueling games not being in this game seemed odd. It really is more about the story and the solitary gamer.

Honestly, I like this game even though I had a tendency to want to take breaks from it. It felt so much like playing a variation of Solitaire when you are grinding that I would have to step away before coming back to it later.

I give this game a 3 out of 5, mainly because if you’re not into card games you probably won’t be into this. Pick up the demo and give it a try it is a interesting game.