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Mommy’s Best Games Gets Serious

Mommy’s Best Games Xbox Live Indie game developers of Weapon of Choice, Shoot1Up, and Explosionade are now working on a new game “Serious Sam Double D“. That’s right I said Serious Sam. As an indie promotion for the Upcoming Serious Sam 3 BFE; a FPS for those who don’t know, is due out sometime in the Summer of 2011, Mommy’s Best Games was asked to make a 2D version of Serious Sam for both the Xbox and PC.

The game was demoed at PAX East, but is still a ways a way from completion. The plan appears to have the game released before the release of Serious Sam 3. The game will feature enemies from the Serious Sam series in glorious 2D sidescrolling beauty as well as some new ones developed by MBG. It also features a new system for upping your weapon. Why get a power up or something like that when you can just stack them all on top of each other, that is what the Gun Stacker is all about.

So it’s good to see MBG get this opportunity. If you haven’t played one of their XBLIGs, Weapon of Choice is their big hit and Explosionade is a game I definitely recommend.