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Paranormal Review

Okay so Paranormal has left Beta and been released. Not exactly bug free, but a game I enjoyed diving into. Matt Cohen has put together a game that combines elements we see in movies like Paranormal Activity and first person simulations with this horror jaunt. Sorry I’m excluding images from this article since I would hate to ruin the experience of witnessing any of the events in this game.

Using the simple FPS controls we’re all so familiar with Paranormal puts you in control of a guy living in a haunted house whose decided to film the haunting. Visually the game is good and definetly sets the mood well. Before you know it your creeping through the house to find any and every form of activity happening before the battery on your camera drops to low and you need to go to sleep for the night to recharge your camera battery.

You can find out what happens on your own if you choose to not recharge the battery before it dies. Either way one of Paranormals best selling points is the fact that all the events are random. Play and play and play through it all you like and the order and even whether an event even happens can change everytime. I find this great.

There is one horrible downside to this. When you are ready to jump back in you have to listen to the beginning everytime, without a way to skip it that I found. If there is, please let me know. It is not only exceedingly long, after about the 3rd time it starts to become annoying as well/hell (you take your pick on that one). Skipping this would be great so as to explore the game more quickly especially since each playthrough is not entirely long, and the game is built for multiple playthroughs. Heck even as I write this I’m thinking about jumping into another run of it just to see if I can get some events I haven’t seen yet.

I’ll wait for a particularly annoying bug to hopefully get fixed, before doing that again. It isn’t one that everyone gets and it might even be one specific to my pc, but it was an extremely tedious bug that caused the game to crash every time I finished a playthrough, instead of taking me back to any form of menu. This forced me to start the game up over and over again. Thankfully the issue was only a real problem after the end of a play through, and the developer was pretty quick to respond to my message about the issue and hopefully he’ll identify the cause and work it out.

Before I toss out a rating, I want to say few little things about the game. As a simulation the game doesn’t play out like most games play out. You really feel more like you are a character walking around in a movie at times. The game does a good job of emersing you in the environment and hopefully the developer will continue to add a few more rocking scenes to mix in with the rest, just to keep us on our toes.

Paranormal earns itself a 3.5 out of 5, but if the bugs are worked out this game can easily be a 4 out of 5. I think horror fans will love this game and just absorb it, but others might feel the game lacks control or enough ability to interact with your environment to be fun. Since you really are more of an observer to the environment around you. I can say without a doubt, watch a video of the game or play the demo.

Quick Candles Review

Candles is a free short horror game made by Lasse Westmark. It’s not really scary, but it does have some tense moments for such a short game.

First off the game uses the simple WASD controls with the mouse click being the candle lighter. The object of the game is simply to light all the candles in the house, then turn on the generator. The challenge is that the house is infested with a creature that hates the light and will kill you upon touch. This makes for a few tense moments as you dart for the candle or away from the creatures.

Now my last note on the game is well the visuals and sounds. The game has a great ambiance to it and looks good, except in one case. The creatures are absolutely horrid. I don’t mean that in a oh my god, they are so scary or gross. I mean they just look kinda bad in comparison to the rest of the game. Luckily this is not to bad an issue and although the game fails to be scary it does get tense at a few points. It’s only bad issue is sometimes it’s buggy and the creatures don’t do what they are supposed to do.

I would rate this game a 2 out of 5, but if you like the horror/survival style games and are looking for something free to play give this a shot. What do you have to lose other than about 30 minutes.