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Bioshock Infinite’s Number of Reviews Continues

Yep, It’s Bioshock Infinite developed by Irrrational Games and published by 2K Games and I know the question. Why review a game that already has an endless supply of reviews from just about everywhere? Well, because I can and I felt like it. I wanted to at least give my ups and downs to the game, without spoilers for those who have managed to avoid them. I don’t think I need any more reason, so lets move on.

Let’s get on with the positives:
1. Amazing Story
2. Good gameplay
3. Visually Appealling
4. Nice Pacing

So what are the Negatives?
1. Short Campaign about 12 hrs
2. Difficulty level is about the only Replay reason.
3. No Multiplayer

So let’s sum it up, before I rate it. The positives all work together well, to create a game that flows well keeps you entertained and keeps you coming back till you finish it. The negatives are it’s relatively short although I suppose it’s a typical campaigns length these days, but that really stands out more with the general lack or replayability or multiplayer. Sure you can keep playing the harder difficulty, if you really want.

Honestly, this game may not have me playing it over and over like some titles, but I definetly felt it was one of the best games I’ve played in a really long time. I give it a 5 of 5 for that alone.

Hellforces Review

On to Hellforces developed by Orion and published by GMX Media or BUKA Entertainment (I’ve seen both depending on where you look). OMG, what possesed me to play this? Oh yeah, killing zombies and the forces of hell. Sounded like fun to me, you know that it sounds fun to you as well. Well this FPS took a wrong turn somewhere very important.

That wrong turn lead me to NEVER even completing the first area. So let me tell you why, to save you all the heartache and headache while giving you the chance to laugh at my pain and even my pathetic game playing skills for those of you who did manage to get further. You crazy gluttons for punishment.

So what was right and wrong with this game?

The Right
1. You could change the key map and probably should if you are used to most other FPS’s.
2. Um the graphics, weren’t too bad.
3. The story seemed mildly interesting.
4. Some would say, because it has zombies. If you aren’t already bored to tears by the genre.
5. um.. you can kick boxes around and really high.

The Wrong and oh my was it.
1. The game was glitchy things you killed would fall to the ground you’d bump them and they would get caught in a fence and twitch around. That was a bit amusing but when looking for things coming at you, you certainly don’t need the things you’ve already killed twitching away like you haven’t. You waste ammo that way. Especially when they have managed to float half way up the fence and are now at head level.
2. The keys are slow and unresponsive, now if this was a straight run and gun I’d say screw it this can be dealt with. Check item 4 on this list and you’ll really see why this becomes a test of whether you will throw your keyboard across the room.
3. Just in the first area alone it took me forever to open a gate after I had killed everything in my area AND everything visible on the other side of the gate. Nope you need to find keys hidden among the trash and stuff. But the starter area was small yet it still took forever and a day to find this out.
4. Now they want me to do a platformer-esk jump to a broken balcony. Sounds easy. Should be easy. Would be easy if the controls actually did what you pressed when you press it instead of horrendously lagging. Seriously I can run much more processor intensive games and have never had the keyboard lag like I did in Hellforces. Then add that a spot requires what seemed like a precisely timed jump. This was a painstakingly suicidal experience. (I had already spent hours just getting passed the damn gate). After an hour of failed jumps I stopped and went and made repeated successful jumps over a bunch of saws in Super Meat Boy, just to make sure it wasn’t me.

So, the game story seemed mildly interesting and the first stage had a decent look to it so much so that it peaked my interest long enough to kill hours of time. The butchered game-play made me down right pissed off and mostly at myself for my oh so serious attempt to get further into this game. In the end I ended up torturing myself more than I got to shoot things and it just made me want to scream. I uninstalled this bad boy and hope it never sees the light of my harddrive again.

Save yourself the pain. I wouldn’t let a demon from Hell force me to touch this game again 0.5 out of 5! Yeah, it may be kind of playable, but you really, really shouldn’t.

Paranormal Review

Okay so Paranormal has left Beta and been released. Not exactly bug free, but a game I enjoyed diving into. Matt Cohen has put together a game that combines elements we see in movies like Paranormal Activity and first person simulations with this horror jaunt. Sorry I’m excluding images from this article since I would hate to ruin the experience of witnessing any of the events in this game.

Using the simple FPS controls we’re all so familiar with Paranormal puts you in control of a guy living in a haunted house whose decided to film the haunting. Visually the game is good and definetly sets the mood well. Before you know it your creeping through the house to find any and every form of activity happening before the battery on your camera drops to low and you need to go to sleep for the night to recharge your camera battery.

You can find out what happens on your own if you choose to not recharge the battery before it dies. Either way one of Paranormals best selling points is the fact that all the events are random. Play and play and play through it all you like and the order and even whether an event even happens can change everytime. I find this great.

There is one horrible downside to this. When you are ready to jump back in you have to listen to the beginning everytime, without a way to skip it that I found. If there is, please let me know. It is not only exceedingly long, after about the 3rd time it starts to become annoying as well/hell (you take your pick on that one). Skipping this would be great so as to explore the game more quickly especially since each playthrough is not entirely long, and the game is built for multiple playthroughs. Heck even as I write this I’m thinking about jumping into another run of it just to see if I can get some events I haven’t seen yet.

I’ll wait for a particularly annoying bug to hopefully get fixed, before doing that again. It isn’t one that everyone gets and it might even be one specific to my pc, but it was an extremely tedious bug that caused the game to crash every time I finished a playthrough, instead of taking me back to any form of menu. This forced me to start the game up over and over again. Thankfully the issue was only a real problem after the end of a play through, and the developer was pretty quick to respond to my message about the issue and hopefully he’ll identify the cause and work it out.

Before I toss out a rating, I want to say few little things about the game. As a simulation the game doesn’t play out like most games play out. You really feel more like you are a character walking around in a movie at times. The game does a good job of emersing you in the environment and hopefully the developer will continue to add a few more rocking scenes to mix in with the rest, just to keep us on our toes.

Paranormal earns itself a 3.5 out of 5, but if the bugs are worked out this game can easily be a 4 out of 5. I think horror fans will love this game and just absorb it, but others might feel the game lacks control or enough ability to interact with your environment to be fun. Since you really are more of an observer to the environment around you. I can say without a doubt, watch a video of the game or play the demo.

Sanctum Review

Coffee Stain StudiosSanctum is a merge of tower defense games with first person shooters for the PC. The combination fits pretty well together. This PC game available on steam also supports multiplayer to boot. So grab your gun, place a turret and lets get this review going.

The way Sanctum works is between waves of enemies you will have the ability to place turrets, blocks, and purchase guns or just upgrade the ones you have. To do this better you also can check an encyclopedia to see what the next waves enemies are weakest against. That way you can tailor your turrets to face the new oncoming threat. All of that is to protect a core that does not heal between waves. When you defeat a wave you get some cash to spend on more turrets, guns, and upgrades.

Now you’re probably wondering how this game differs from any other tower defense game. Well you won’t be placing towers on the playfield like some overseeing god, or constructing them during an attacking wave. You do that between waves by walking around and choosing the square of the grid you would like to change. Placement is pivotal in this game. The enemy will take the shortest path possible to get to your core. Once you’ve spent all the money you want to spend, you are ready to start the wave. Once the wave is called you run around the map shooting the enemies, hopefully in there weak spots and assist the turrets. You won’t take damage from the enemies but they will knock you out of their way which stuns you. Your guns have unlimited ammo, but do overheat so you have to watch the percentage and lay off the fire a bit from time to time. Just to let the heat level go down.

All this makes for very strategic gameplay and forces you to think about where you’re aiming and when to hold your fire. Being able to squeeze between certain sections on the map that the enemies can’t as well as teleport pads can quickly move you back ahead of the pack once they have passed you. The game currently has three maps/levels with a fourth on the way, Mine, Bridge, and Arc with more coming “Glade” being the next. In single player you’ll face 20 waves on Mine, 25 on Bridge and 30 on Arc. These are not easy levels, well I didn’t find them easy. But part of the fun in these levels is that when you build your turrets and blocks, you create a maze to force the enemies to walk to get to the core. I found this incredibly fun, but as I’ve stated before I do like a good maze.

The game also has multiple difficulties, so if it seems like your just not up to the particular difficulty you chose, try easy. I think that is what I should have done first time around. Now on to the other big aspect of the game multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is Co-op and can be played with endless waves to any stage you wish. With two difficulty levels to choose from the game play remains the same. You and the other player each have your own resources and upgrade towers as you choose or your weapons. I found the transition into multiplayer quite smooth, although it does appear that the player who is not the host does tend to suffer some lag. Outside of that it is a nice addition working as a team and to make it more interesting the difficulty ramps up faster in multiplayer mode than single player. To me it kept the games balance very well. Also any player who isn’t the host can jump in and out of the game as long as the host keeps the game public and doesn’t quit the game.

In the end, the game has steam achievements as well as a leaderboard for the competitive types. Visually the surroundings are pretty, even if the enemies and stage itself is a little less than impressive looking. The game has definite replay ability, it’s all around fun with a side of how did I screw that one up.

Sanctum will also be receiving various free updates throughout the year.  The next update/DLC is scheduled for this upcoming week. Some future updates are the ability to play 4 player multiplayer and another is a level/map titled “Glade” to play on, I’m not sure if the 4 player update will be available in the next update, but the map seems to be a part of it. Also a demo version of the game will also be released for the curious purchasers.

Overall this game is a 4 out of 5. It’s pretty tough and if you dislike tower defense you probably won’t like it, but once that demo is released I definitely say try it. I think the game is a perfect blend of the two genres. So if you like both FPS’s and Tower Defense games, I think you’ll like this game.

Mommy’s Best Games Gets Serious

Mommy’s Best Games Xbox Live Indie game developers of Weapon of Choice, Shoot1Up, and Explosionade are now working on a new game “Serious Sam Double D“. That’s right I said Serious Sam. As an indie promotion for the Upcoming Serious Sam 3 BFE; a FPS for those who don’t know, is due out sometime in the Summer of 2011, Mommy’s Best Games was asked to make a 2D version of Serious Sam for both the Xbox and PC.

The game was demoed at PAX East, but is still a ways a way from completion. The plan appears to have the game released before the release of Serious Sam 3. The game will feature enemies from the Serious Sam series in glorious 2D sidescrolling beauty as well as some new ones developed by MBG. It also features a new system for upping your weapon. Why get a power up or something like that when you can just stack them all on top of each other, that is what the Gun Stacker is all about.

So it’s good to see MBG get this opportunity. If you haven’t played one of their XBLIGs, Weapon of Choice is their big hit and Explosionade is a game I definitely recommend.

Mazeoto Review

Mazeoto is an FPS Maze game by new developer 10K31. I liked this game despite some of its flaws. Do you miss those days of dungeon crawling for 20 minutes only to find out you went the wrong way somewhere along the line and now have to go back to a different turn off? I know I do. These days games have gotten so easy that you never get lost or turned around. With graphics getting so good in games you have plenty of ways to identify your way, it’s lost that feel of where did I go wrong?

Mazeoto has awesome preset mazes. In story mode there are 4 levels of 3 mazes each, for a total of 12 mazes to wind your way through. You can also play these mazes by levels by just picking the levels you want to play from the main menu. If you are wanting more mazes there is also a random maze option on the main menu. Giving you endless maze wandering fun. To aid you along, you can bring up a map of the level to work your way through. I chose not to use this as much as possible. You also have a radar that shows you a very small grid on your hud of the walls around you and whats on the other side as well. Like any good maze once you put your pencil down and start making your way through it leaves a trail behind you showing every mistaken path you’ve taken. On the map it shades the path you have taken so you can see how many wrong turns you have made.

Mazeoto’s FPS elements aren’t the greatest, but they aren’t all bad. There are sentry style enemies that just lie in wait for you to come then start shooting at you. There are also enemies that wait till they see you then begin chase. Lastly there are a couple that will hunt you down through the maze. These can be the most annoying of them all, but are a definite need in the game.

There is only one weapon in the game, but if you play the story it makes sense why. If you were an experiment by aliens would you as the aliens give the experiment more than one weapon? I wouldn’t and the gun you get is good enough for anything you’ll come across. Also for a little more help in the game there are health circles that will give you back some health, as well as blue teleporters that will take you to other parts of the maze. When looking at the maze you can see where all these things are, as well as the enemies, just not what type of enemy. Which is good for people who aren’t good at fps’s or mazes.

Now as a reviewer, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t tell you the downsides of the game. So here they are but note I talked with the developer and told him my concerns and he seemed receptive to a probable update to the game to fix some of these issues. Here they are so that if you get this game which I would, especially if you love mazes. The downsides are only in the FPS element, but I can see it upsetting some. Anyways on with it right. There are too many heals on a level which makes it feel like the enemies are not nearly as threatening even if you do get lost. The enemies damage is not great enough or varied enough. They all seem to do very little damage even when you are just letting them chase you. I told him my concerns about this and I hope we do see an update to the enemies damage and less heal spots to add to the challenge. I think that would make FPS fans happy and make the game as a whole sit well in both genres.

I look forward to his next venture into game development. I will be giving 3 ratings in this indie review because of its dual genre mix and a final overall rating.

As a maze/puzzle game I give this a 5 of 5, it is just great in my opinion.
As a FPS game I currently give it a 3 out of 5 if this is what your looking for play the trial first.

Overall I give the game a 4 out of 5 a really good game that with one update could be a great game in both genres.