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The Indie Games Winter Uprising Gets the Spotlight

This is an event started by the designers of indie games on Xbox. The event has released a lot of really good games of different varieties. Two of the games are still to be released, but of the 14 game line-up that isn’t bad. They started the event to bring more attention to Xbox Indie Games in general as well as there own. To show it’s not just a bunch of apps, but some real quality games.

They succeeded in garnering enough attention that even Microsoft took note. So, for the 12 games already released they have a panel on the Xbox Spotlight. Way to go, hopefully this will show people who are afraid to buy the indie games that there are great games for decent prices that are well worth the risk of picking up a bad game, when you could get 3 more that you love.

So here is a list of the games released as part of the Uprising as well as links to my reviews on the ones I’ve reviewed. So take a look here and at your dashboard and pick up a couple if you haven’t yet.

Epic Dungeon
Hypership Out of Control
Break Limit
Decimation X3
Soul Caster 2
Crossfire 2
Aphelion: Episode Two: Wings of Omega
Asteroids Do Concern Me
Chu’s Dynasty
ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls
Alpha Squad

Cthulhu Saves the World

With these games to be released
Rickenbacker vs. the Aliens

Congratulations to them for succeeding in getting noticed and to all the dev’s for making such great games. I hope this impacts the indie marketplace in a great way, introducing non-indie game buyers into exploring the wide variety of indie games available on XBLIG.

The following link brings you to their official page;

Epic Dungeon Review – Winter Uprising

Eyehook Games’ Epic Dungeon is the first of the Indie Game Winter Uprising Games to be released. So let’s take a look at the forerunner for the event. Epic Dungeon is a roguelike game with 4 character classes and 50 levels.

Epic Dungeon has 4 classes to choose from, the Bezerker, the Gambler, the Tinkerer, and the Shaman. Each class has a different special ability to start with. The Bezerker has a move that swings his sword full circle hitting all near enemies. The Gambler poisons all enemies surrounding him. The Shaman freezes all enemies around him. Finally the Tinkerer creates an Orb that follows you around and shocks enemies until it is destroyed or you self-destruct it. There is a fifth ability that no class starts with and that is regeneration.

Like many RPG’s you level up as you go. Each level grants you 3 ability points to distribute amongst your 4 stats. The 4 stats are Damage, Defense, Dexterity, and Luck. Every so many levels you gain a point to place in the special abilities. If you place it on the special ability associated with your class you get a better upgrade, while its point for point on all other abilities. So yes you can have a Bezerker who freezes his enemies then hacks them to pieces. That is a blast too.

Game play is smooth and fast. You won’t have time to really get bored playing this. Some nice features is every 3rd level is a shop to sell your loot and buy some upgraded weaponry and armor. Then go back out and hack some more. You’ll occasionally find a question mark in the dungeon. These are neat little scenarios that you must try to solve and get some nice bonus items. Another neat feature is that death is permanent so once you die your entered into your high-score board and the next time you play a tombstone will be found on the floor number you died on. Upon finding your tombstone you will get back one item you had before you died last time. Nice touch I say, Nice touch.

All four characters starter story is humorous and then off you go. You don’t stop to smell the roses in this game as that everything respawns so sitting around will only get you attacked by more enemies. So keep moving, just don’t get to far ahead. Things can get real tough real quick if you move too fast. I found that out many times.  All in all I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this game. I love the retro graphics and game play. I love the simplicity and the little surprise events. This indie is downright addictive.

This was a great game to start the Winter Uprising and a great example of what XBLIG should be all about.

Get out there and start following the Uprising I’m sure more great games are to follow.

5 out of 5.