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Anodyne Review

So, I sat down to play Anodyne by Analgesic Productions or Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka . I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t sure what to expect from the game. I thought it was an RPG not an action adventure game in the vain of Legend of Zelda before I started playing.

I felt the gameplay was pretty solid. The graphics were well done for the 16 bit retro feel. The music was fitting. The storyline was odd and truly would be where the game was held together or fell apart depending on your perspective.

What I mean by that is Anodyne’s storyline while humorous at times, was filled with a lot of issues a person learns to deal with throughout their life. Making the general tone of the story more somber or dark, even though the game never felt like it really hit home on that note. Eventually leading to an end that seemed a tad lackluster with the evolution of the character or lack of character evolution. At least that is how I felt. To be honest, I felt the main character was a fairly one dimensional hero, with a tacked on story that attempted to make more of the character but never really succeeded.

This isn’t to say that the game was bad, but more that the story seemed more like a separate entity from the game itself. While both the game world and story had a disjointed sort of reality going for them, they never really felt like they really came together. The game did feature numerous nods to previous games which were nice little Easter eggs within the game. Not to mention, once the game is beaten there is more to go back and do to completely accomplish everything.

In the end, I did enjoy the game and the humorous moments in the story. I just felt it tried a little too hard to have that deeper meaning. If you like games like the original Legend of Zelda this game is worth checking out, but more for the gameplay than the cohesiveness.

I give the game a 3.5 out of 5.

War of the Roses Review

War of the Roses is an medieval multiplayer action game by Paradox Interactive. War of the Roses takes place during the battle between Lancaster and York. If you like big battles, close combat fighting games or just multiplayer in general then read on.

As of right now War of the Roses has 3 game modes; your typical Team Death Match, your Conquest Mode and the fun yet dangerous Pitched Battle Mode. A fourth mode titled Assault Castle will be coming out with the Kingmaker update. Team Death Match is your common TDM mode. Conquest is your capture points and hold them as you fight for the next location. Pitched Battle is a bit harder, it is your one life only Team Death Match Mode divided into rounds. Team that wins the most rounds wins. As far as the Assault Castle Mode goes we’ll have to wait till tomorrow (March 21st, 2013) for its release if I have the date right.

The fighting mechanics are a tad confusing at first. With attacks and defending relying heavily on the direction you move your mouse as you press and hold the defense or attack. A wrong direction here can quickly cost you your life or have you banging your sword into a wall. I like this element to the game, the added complexity, while not great, is enough to keep me on my toes. As a result the game lends towards practiced play especially with one’s chosen weapon(s).

As you level up more weapons, perks, armors and fighting styles, metal types and numerous other features from mounts to colors. The perks, weapon and armor will be what makes the most difference to how you play, the fighting styles and metal types, and other little features make small adjustments both positive in some aspects and negative in others allowing for a ton of tweaking to find the set up that fits you best. While it seems at times some weapons are overpowered *couch Longsword cough cough*. There are ways to get around all weapon and armor combinations. I just haven’t figured out the longsword’s weakness, I will though.

All the weapons, armors and everything really is purchased through coins earned on the battlefields, or bought. Although I can say it doesn’t make the game feel unbalanced. I don’t feel it has that pay to win feeling at all. It may take you longer to earn enough to unlock everything (especially if they continue to add more and more weapons and features), but it seems definitely doable. Until then you just need to be more choosy about which upgrades you take to figure out what works best for you. Really it isn’t hard to earn experience and gold though as long as you have a few friends to get a match going with there are always open servers at least every time I’ve been on.

The game currently has two complaints on my part. One Squad leaders have abilities that can help their squad yet rarely are they ever used. I know this isn’t at the fault of the game, but more at the community. The other issue is that I have seen one hack to the game allowing a character to speed around like they had a motor attached to their ass. I was disappointed by this and hope a fix will stop this in the future.

Outside of my issues I look forward to the Kingmaker update can’t wait to see all the stuff it adds to the game as well as how the future controller support plays out. It may make the combat more fluid and a bit less difficult to master, but in the end how will it hold up to the current game speed is a question.

The War of The Roses is a game that brings damn good fun and is a welcome multiplayer game. I hope they keep voice chat out of the game, to often do I feel a good game experience is ruined by obnoxious, rude and insulting other players. Forcing them to type out their ignorant statements and becomes far easier to ignore.

This game easily earns it’s 4 out of bloody 5 and that’s a high score for a multiplayer only game in my books.

Warriors Orochi 3: The Review

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s not an indie game. I don’t really care. I’ve wanted to write a review on it for a while and I will do just that. Who’s running this site anyway? Yeah, I know it’s been out for almost a year on Xbox 360. I don’t care. Okay now that my argument with myself is done, lets get this review on.

I’ll start by saying if you hate all the previous warrior games by Tecmo Koei, well keep on walking. I doubt the changes and upgrades to this game will be enough to make you really like it. Now if you have been on the fence about it, well then read on. As a heads up this review was done with a 360 copy with all DLC except the outfits. Alright I may have bought one of the cheaper ones.

So I’m not going to bore the ever living shit out of you with a crap load of details on this game. Just about every major reviewer out there alread has. So I’ll keep this simple light and fuzzy. The fuzzy is in like a bunny not your mental state of mind after reading this. I’ll start with the good and the bad list.

The Good:
So many characters even the Monkey King’s Stick can’t be shaken at them all, but you can unlock him and try for yourself.
Beat a stage and you unlock extras to be used to meddle with those stages for slightly more entertaining replay of the stages.
The DLC stages really only add a bit of extra fun and not anything truly storyline like. They are more like little dream sequences. So you don’t need them to have fun.
It has online play! That is awesome.
Tons of weapons and a good selection of abilities to put on them.
Last of all, you get to play with 3 chars at once and they have a special attack that all three can use together for an even better super attack.

The Bad:
Trying to get the achievements is frustrating and time consuming to the point of just saying, “Screw them, I beat the game already.”
In stage creation/editing mode you sadly can’t change the objectives of the map to create your own scenarios. (That was really saddening).
Damn, online play, requires both players to have beat the stage on their own to play it online. So nope, you can’t help your friend get through that stage they got stuck on. That is a damn pity. I remember couch play on the older games allowed for a second player to come in and help (at the risk of botching the level if they died during it).
Bonds! I at first thought this was really cool. Quickly I began to see how much of a hassle it was to raise bonds and how it forced me to play teams I didn’t like and characters not fun to play in my own eyes.

The game is fun to play in that hack and slash sort of mild button mash way. The characters moves vary enough that even if they do use the same sword, you may play them differently. The story of the game is phenomenal.

Rating 4/5 If this is the last game of the Orochi series, I will be saddened since this is the only Warriors game that has a fictional story that can evolve, unlike the Dynasty Warriors Gundam and Fist of the North Star series which both follow previously written and animated stories.

Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie Review

Now this game has a title that is a bit of a mouthful. Motorbike Stunt Agent Julie is an XBLIG title created by Mattini Games that is a little Excitebike with 360 degree shooting added in for good measure. In some ways it reminds me of some old side-scrolling action games.

MSAJ has one of those stories that seems straight out of an 80’s action flick. The twist being that the arrogant military hero isn’t a guy. It’s agent Julie who has been spending her time since she left her motorbike recon team as a daredevil in a carnival. The story starts up with her old commanding officer coming to her and asking that she come back for a special mission that only she can handle. From that moment on the game continues with a number of I’m the best cocky scenes as the story progresses. The scenes are cutscene images with voice acting as well as the subtitled text that is option. Sadly the voice over was not optional and would have been much better if they were speaking their native tongue versus English. We had the subtitles already so it would have been easy to follow.

This game had 2 modes of play, a campaign mode and a mission select mode. With 20 levels of motorbike stunt shooting action, you are rated on how well you do in each level. A nice feature the game has is that if you don’t care to play the campaign you can play the missions in mission select mode. Each mission you beat unlocks the next mission. The same happens as you beat the missions in campaign mode so you can play the campaign and unlock them all or just play mission select to do it. I thought this was a nice touch and change of pace.

As far as how to play this game, well it’s pretty simple. Your LTrigger is your brake/reverse while your RTrigger is your acceleration. Your left control stick controls your spinning as well as your rocket boost. Pressing forward leans you forward to do forward flips in the air, while pressing back causes back flips and pressing up at any time kicks your rocket boost into action. Be careful not to rocket boost while angled downwards or you propel yourself down to the ground front wheel first. Your right control stick controls the direction you are firing. By successfully doing stunts, such as 2 front flips and the destruction of 3 mines and landing it would increase your stunt bar. When the stunt bar fills up you can press a button to heal yourself, in the later levels this becomes very important to your survival. When you use your rocket boost the bar decreases in energy, but will refill on its own.

The key to this game is destroying the enemies in front of you while doing stunt jumps that allow you to heal yourself. Each level is made up of multiple check points that you have a time limit to reach which then extends your time to reach the next check point. So it becomes important to not crash as that this slows you down a lot and makes you a prone target for enemy fire. Whether you play the game in campaign mode or mission select your scores are kept locally for each level giving you the ability to go back and attempt to beat your previous score and ranking.

Graphically this game isn’t all that in the actual missions. With the ground always looking the same outside of its shape the turrets and tanks all pretty much use the same color giving the game a rather drab look while playing. While the music for the game at first seemed pretty good the fact that there is only one song that is repeated over and over again began to make the music grating.

While this game is a little fun to play when you play a mission here or a mission there. It didn’t give me the urge to play any levels a second time through. Another downside is that occasionally my gun would stop doing damage to the enemies. While it would show that I was still shooting at them it would fail to do any damage and I would have to crash land to get it working again. When this happened it would be extremely irritating, but not game ending. A good thing about the game was it’s ease of learning and the levels really did have a feel of increasing difficulty without any major jumps in difficulty. While all the missions did feel pretty much the same even if they were meant to feel different the only change seemed in the boss missions.

I give this game a 2 out of 5, I just couldn’t get into this game as much as I wanted to. I suggest picking up the trial before buying this one. If you are really looking for something that has that Excitebike feel this may be the game you are looking for.