DarkstarMatryx.com soon to be GamingisMagic.com is dedicated to gaming, primarily focusing on Indie games. Most articles are focused around the Xbox, but not limited to it. PC, Wii and DS games will also be reviewed as well. The reason the primary focus is on Indie games is two-fold. They don’t have big marketing budgets to help get the word out for their games and the average gamer too often can and will miss out on really good games simply because they didn’t know that they were even there.

We use a 5 star or point rating system:

0 out of 5 Don’t buy or get this. (It either doesn’t work or it is something that has no redeeming qualities)
1 out of 5 I Don’t recommend it. (It was buggy and/or a really bad game)
2 out of 5 I wouldn’t buy it, but if it’s your genre get the trial first.
3 out of 5 I liked and recommend it. Nothing is too wrong with the game, but you should still get the trial first.
4 out of 5 This is a good game, even if it isn’t your genre you should at least take a look at it.
5 out of 5 Just buy it.

The site will also be home to my own indie game creations. Most of these games will be free so have fun, and tell me what you think of them. I will from time to time post updates on projects revolving around the games I’m working on.  I will continue to review games as that will remain the main focus of the site.