Xbox Indie RPG “West” Review

West is a well put together RPG. With its own unique set of random monster encounters and a plot line that is completely all its own this game is definitely an indie game. That is the best aspect of this game.

The story is ripe with subtext, some subtle to some very obvious statements about our world. The designer poses the player, not the characters questions about our society and our moralities in some very over the top ways. I may not agree with the beliefs of the designer, but I can’t deny that I was intrigued to see where it all would lead. That is besides west.

The game is similar to 16 bit RPGs of old giving it a nice retro feel to it, but with a very unusual and humorous bestiary. With a story line that no publisher would probably come near, what you get is a something you won’t get elsewhere. To that end I would be lapse to say this game is not for everyone, but definitely worth the 80 pts.

The whole story takes around 3 or 4 hours to complete, if you talk to everyone. I am sure you could probably work through this game in half that time if you just run through it. Although then you’ll be missing the subtler aspects of the game and that is the point.

In the end, I wished the game was longer because I just wanted more in a good way. I hope this developer releases another RPG on the Xbox Indie Market. It is rare to find a game that makes you think or even attempts to make you think and that is what this game does.

I give this game a 5 out of 5.

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