B M S Ludum Dare Post Mortem

Well, now that Ludum Dare 48 #24 is done and the voting is almost over, I figured I would go over how I felt it went. First I’d say I was happy that I was able to produce a finished game, even though it lacked a lot of what I wanted in it as a final product.  I started the event by getting sick right off the bat and fighting an illness the entire time, this set me back a lot.

Here is what I did accomplish:
Completed the story for the game.
Completed the code and multiple paths and ways to lose.

Here is what I wanted in the game, that didn’t make it in the initial release:
Background Music — I had tools to do it, but didn’t know how to properly use them.
Sound Effects — Once again I had the tools, but lacked the knowledge.
Background Art — This was a big one. I had planned to hand draw all the backgrounds and scan them in.
Saturday morning the scanner fell and broke, leaving me at an impasse as I didn’t know how to draw well enough directly in Paint.Net

What I learned from the experience:
1. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared for illness, The loss of a type of toolset and any number of other things that could and probably will disrupt you.
2. Know your tools, having them available isn’t enough, if you have to fumble around with them to figure them out. With only a short time span you just don’t have that sort of time.
3. Have a back-up plan for any set of tools/hardware. If you plan on using a scanner for hand drawn art, plan on the possibility that you will need to go another route and be prepared for that outcome.

How I feel about the experience in general, is great. I managed to produce something instead of just thinking about it. I am sure in the future I can make much better games without the time constraint. So I plan to do just that, LD48 was the kick in the pants I needed to start developing myself.

Where does B M S go from here:
Well, I enjoyed the project and decided that I would add the things that I wanted in and release a 2.0 version.
I have added the music, as well as one of the many backgrounds.  I also have begun fixing grammar and spelling errors within the original story.
I plan to add a few extra scenes and lengthen the game, beyond what it is currently.

Here is a link to the Work in Progress version of BMS 2.0