Cinders Review

MoaCube’s Cinders is an interesting visual novel, based on the fairy tale Cinderella. Cinders artwork is really well done.

Cinders main gameplay aspect is the development of Cinders by the choices you make. Whether you choose to follow the fairy tale story or exact revenge on your wicked sisters and stepmother the choice is yours. The game isn’t incredibly long but has reason for multiple playthroughs, with 4 main types of endings but multiple variations to each of those 4 endings. This allows for endings that are very similar, but with interesting differences based on your choices.

The main thing that really stands out is the artwork. It really is well done and sets the scene well.  There are some grammar issues, but not many. The music is nice and fits the game, but after the second playthrough you will probably no longer want to hear it. Cinders also has trophies you can unlock for accomplishing certain events in game. Some of these are really hard to figure out.

After playing the game multiple times through I would say the one thing in the game that bothered me the most was the language. It didn’t feel like it really fit the time frame that the story seems to impart.  Which made it a little off putting. Another thing that I really didn’t like was in some scenes the characters mouths move when they speak but it just looked odd.

In the end I would rate this visual novel a 3 out of 5, if you like twists on fairy tales or vn’s you would probably like this game.  If those aren’t your thing this game isn’t the one to change your mind.