#LD48 My progress and Hopeful Plan of Attack.

Alright, So far my game is progressing fairly nicely as a choose your own adventure/horror game.  I’m sorry I don’t have an updated download of it. Probably with my next post and break.  Just got done taking a nice long shower and that helped to sort out the order I’m going to attempt things.


1.  Finish the story and main code by late tonight. (That should be feasible).

2.  Start making some sound effects.  Then implementing them into the code.

3 and 4. Maybe make some music for the game, (Not sure if I want to stray from the primarily silent atmosphere) and Maybe create some images for the game although again, not sure I can create images that will beat a persons own imagination.) Although I will need to create a nice title screen image.

I think this plan gives me enough time to complete the project on time and not feel like I put wasteful and sub-par content into the game.

I just hope people like it.

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