Indie RPG Laxius Force Review

Aldorlea GamesLaxius Force is the indie RPG for review today. This PC title is the first in the Laxius Force games of which there are 3. The Laxius Force saga is comprised of 3 free games the Laxius Power trilogy and 4 purchasable games Laxius Force trilogy and 3 Stars of Destiny. Starting off with Laxius Force and having never played the Laxius Power trilogy had me worried I might be a little lost, but that ended up being pretty unfounded.

First of all you need to know for Laxius Force’s story and the back story of the characters is told through characters talking about their past and the events that transpired. A nice aspect is that it is done in a way that you don’t feel lost about stuff or filled with way too much info at any given time. So the game is able to stand on it’s own and act as a great first game to the Laxius universe. Now lets get on to the good and the bad of Laxius Force.

Let’s start with the good. It is a 16bit styled RPG that unlike the other two games by Aldorlea Games that I reviewed, “Sylia” and “Dreamscape“. This game focuses more on the traditional and serious aspects of Fantasy RPGs. Don’t get me wrong there is humor in the game, just not to the degree that the other 2 games had. During battles your characters aren’t visible as the enemy stands in front of you. Battles are turn based, you set your team’s attacks and when you’ve set the last characters attacks they will perform them based on their speed while the enemies attack will occur during same phase, much like most standard RPGs.

Another good thing about this game is the story and the characters in it. Nope you won’t be fighting with a team of pets or farm animals this time. It is hero’s, werewolves, skeleton warriors and the like. With a strong story you begin with one group, but soon switch to the characters you will mostly play as the retired heroes Random and his Elven girlfriend Sarah. They come out of a 7 month retirement after having saved the deport and want to see what has happened since they pretty much went off the grid. They have both gotten rather rusty in the 7 months, so they are back to starting from scratch to work up all their skills. As they talk to people and complete quests they meet people who will join your team. The story seemed to drag me into it and I found the writing for it pretty good to boot.

Now there was only 1 thing I didn’t quite like about the game and that was some of the artwork for the villains during battles. Don’t get me wrong the artwork for the character portraits has a nice look to it. As far as the enemies appearance in battle not all of them look sketchy, just some. Overall though this didn’t ruin the game experience or anything near that level. It’s just not as refined as some of the other games they have made.

In the end I rate this game a 4.5 out of 5. It’s solid story, interesting character conversations, and numerous playable characters make this game well worth playing.