Acadamagia: The Making of a Mage Review

Black Chicken Studios’ Acadamagia: The Making of a Mage is a life simulation. You’re a first year student at Acadamagia and you’re going to be a mage. The game takes place during your first year of school. Future releases will continue the adventure of the 4 other years, but lets focus on just this game. Yes, there are similarities to this game and the Harry Potter series, but it is more than that.

Acadamagia is an interesting text based indie game. Yeah there are pictures in the game and music as well (you can turn the music off if you want to listen to your own and probably will once you’ve played it as long as me). Both the images and music are nice and fit the game well, but there isn’t much in the matter of outstanding in this case. What Acadamagia boils down to is more of a choose your own adventure sort of deal.

There are set events as well as random events. Not to mention adventures you unlock and can choose to take as you go along. In all events/adventures there are usually multiple skills that can allow the successful completion of the mission. Making any mission completable by virtually any type of student. Yes, there are exceptions where you will have none of the skills needed to complete. That is why you make friends.

The game also supports the creating of your own clique and making friends with students then inviting them into your group when they are high enough with you. Once you have a clique going, be careful to not bring in someone the rest of the group doesn’t like. I did this and my group broke in half. The purpose of these friends is that during an adventure you can use them to perform a part that you can’t do. Say you need to perform a musical feat but you have a music skill of 0 or 1 but a friend has an 8, ask them to do it for you and you could beat that part. This is an option you must use wisely since you can’t use them again, at least not in the recent future.

Now the kicker is going on adventures, making friends, studying, training skills, and going to classes all must be juggled in your weekly schedule. Skip too many classes and you will get a detention. While you may learn new skills in detention from the teacher that you may not have learned otherwise it does take up future time slots. Get into too much trouble and you could be forced to lose part of your Saturdays.

All of this makes for a great game in my eyes. You do need to like reading, because that is what you will be doing  constantly in this game. The game is great for the casual gamer, the reader, and has a lot of little things for more in-depth and serious play. While most choices may not seem to matter for the outcome of this game finishing certain adventures in this game is said to have an effect on future games. Yes you will be able to carry over your first year students into the next game, or start new ones. This one features plenty of free DLC and updates including adding new familiars to the base game as well as adventures and events.

Overall this game is a fantastic text game with plenty of paths and choices creating a rich story for any character you create and has great replay value. With so many adventures and random events your sure to see new things each time you play. Not to mention so many different spells and actions that become available throughout your play.

I can’t stress enough how much I liked this game. I give it a 5 out of 5 personally, but I know this game will be hard for action gamers to really get into.