Anomaly: Warzone Earth Review

Anomaly: Warzone Earth is an iOS and PC game created by 11Bit Studios. For the purpose of this review we will be focusing on the PC version of the game. Anomaly: Warzone Earth is essentially a reverse tower defense game. Instead of building the towers to prevent attackers, you are the attackers. Aliens have crashed on the earth and it’s your units job to figure out what is going on and stop anything bad from happening. So you have to enter the alien crash sites and destroy the weapons that they have set up.

Anomaly has a lot of neat tricks in its hat to make it interesting and entertaining. Each level you have a new mission sometimes multiple missions. In one case the mission is to reach a certain point before a specific time once you do that though the level isn’t over you are assigned a new mission to accomplish. So playing it smart early on in a stage can help a great deal later into the stage. So as commander, who apparently likes to run along side the military convoy you are off to save the day from the alien threat.

So how is Anomaly played? It’s a point and click game for the most part. You use the mouse pretty much exclusively, which makes it pretty easy to get used to, that in no way means it makes it easy though. Although the game does walk you through all the steps to playing, very nicely. So what are the basics. You scroll back to enter tactical mode from here you will be able to change the route in which your military caravan is going to travel. This is very important throughout the game as paths become blocked by dangerous material that would damage or destroy your units or new towers appear that you hadn’t accounted for. Scroll forward to go back into the active mode. Left click somewhere and the commanding officer (You) will run to that location. Right click somewhere and it brings up a ring of 4 possible abilities. At first you won’t have all four.  Click on the one you want and the commanding officer will run there and use that ability.

You can lose during a stage by all units being destroyed or failing some objective. Stages do have checkpoints and when you reach one you can continue from that point or the beginning of the stage depending on how well you were doing when you made it to that check point will answer that question. I know I had a few points where it was better to start the stage over than to continue beaten and battered at a checkpoint right before I failed.

The game has a decent storyline to explain out why you are taking part in the next mission. It does well to keep the flow of the game going. The voice acting isn’t bad, I liked it to be honest. The music and sound effects are nice and the games visuals are good, and I don’t mean good for a tower defense game. The game has some real polish to it and is not what I expect from most indie games.

As an add on there are two bonus modes available to unlock after you have completed that section in the game. An online scoreboard has you competing for the best rank as well as medals for each stage to show you what you did well at and what they believe you could have done better at. The only thing I can see being a downside to this game is that it isn’t multiplayer. For me this wasn’t an issue, it’s a great game and it stands on its own with just single player.

I give this game a 4 out of 5 only because tower defense is a niche genre. I can’t say this game is for everyone but, it is really worth your time to check it out.