Little Kingdom Review

XBLIG developers Andreil’s Game creators of Pioneerz and Pioneer have created another great game. Little Kingdom is just that. A real-time strategy game of peaceful world conquest. Yep that is right, I said peaceful. The game is simple to play, very easy to learn and family friendly. Not to mention quite a bit of fun for it’s small packaging.

Little Kingdom is not really a war game, but is about conquering your enemies. In Little Kingdom it is all about your ability to influence other areas. You do this with forts, no they don’t fire at enemy soldiers or anything like that. Little Kingdom is a peaceful game with simple play to keep this game accessible to players of most ages. You have 4 building types to and two land types that you can construct. That is all that is needed. Once you learn how to do this best it’s pretty simple to build your strategies.

You can build a fort to spread your influence. Building a Lumberyard next to trees will gain you wood. Windmills gain you food. The last building is mines near a mine and that gets you bricks. You can build land on a water hex, or water on a land hex. That is all you ever build in this simple game. You upgrade your forts by turning the clay fort into a wood fort using the lumber you collect and then can upgrade it to a brick fort with the rocks you mine. Doing this to your fort increases its range and power of influence.

The game plays in real time so it isn’t turned based and everything happens on the fly. It supports 4 local players 6 teams can be on a map. You can choose the difficulty of the AI’s as well as whether the match is every man for themselves or team play where you set the teams anyway you want. offering quite a bit of flexibility. With a tutorial stage, a randomized stage and 8 prebuilt maps or scenarios the game offers quite a bit of replayability. Especially with the random map generator.  It would be cool if we could build our own maps for play, but you can’t have everything.

To boot this is not a long game matches last maybe 30 minutes usually a lot less. In my case this kept me from getting burned out and gives you a match where you don’t have to worry about saving the game. Since this isn’t a game with levels to go through it doesn’t have a save feature, which might bother some. To me it didn’t really feel like that was bad since the matches play out so quickly. The AI difficulties and the skills of the other players really determine how much of a challenge you will be facing.

All of this occurs on one screen, no split screen action. All the maps fit within the screen which I thought was a very nice feature. Other players cursors can get in your way at time, since when you click on a space it bring up a little menu on the map. An option to remove the popup menu and just associate certain buildings to specific buttons would be a welcome addition. The music isn’t really that great and the graphics are pretty simplistic as well. So if that is your thing, you will be disappointed, but if your looking for a good fast fun strategy game for cheap this game will fulfill that role.

Selling for 80msp this game is a steal. An easy 4 out of 5 if you ask me. I would have been more than willing to pay more for this gem.

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