Breath of Death VII Review

Zeboyd Games indie game Breath of Death VII: The Beginning has been reviewed by just about everyone who even looks at Xbox Live Indie games and even some who normally don’t. Because of those reviews this was my first XBLIG purchase. Now with Zeboyd Games recent release of Chuthlu Saves the World, it just seemed like the right time for me to put my thoughts down on this RPG.

Like most RPGs you have your star character, in this case it is a skeleton named “Dem”. If you are hearing that old diddy “Dem bones dem bones” in your head you not the only one. So your team in this little romp is made up of a very unique cast. You have Dem the skeleton, Sara the ghost, Lita the vampire and Eric the zombie. Not exactly the staple RPG cast to save the world and that is the point.

Everything in this game is typical of old school RPGs, with a humorous twist. One thing I found pretty funny was a tombstone I read. It read “Here Lies Molly the Werezompire may she rest in obscurity.” To those that don’t know this was another game made by Zeboyd Games. So he even pokes fun at his own game. BODVII does have a good storyline to it and a really good ending. With about a 5 hour playtime, it isn’t something you will feel is too long or two short.

The game has a great level up system where you choose between two options every level you reach, and this can greatly effect how that member of your party plays. Not to mention a great Unite system that allows two or more characters to act together to perform a special move. Every character has unique abilities all their own. Every area you enter has a number of random encounters once you have had that many encounters in the area you can start a fight or just walk through it. I loved this little feature, no more fighting every two steps in an area you’ve already leveled up in. Once you beat the game you have the option of playing Score Attack. In this mode you only have to fight the bosses, yeah you can still force fights but you don’t have to. I’m not sure how the points work out in this mode, I honestly never finished it. I played it a couple of times, but just didn’t have the desire to see how low a level I could beat certain bosses at.

Things I can’t stress enough about this game, is to talk to everyone and your party when you enter a new area. They always have something to say and a lot of little jokes are tossed in here. Check those tombstones for witty lines too. All together this was a great way to spend a dollar. I think the short nature of the story is good for even the casual gamer who fears they will forget what they were supposed to do next. So if you are one of the very few people who do not already own this game, I have to ask why? Why would you pass on something this good that is also so inexpensive.

5 out of 5 it tickled my RPG bug and left me with time to still have a life.

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