Moonchild Review

Moonchild an RPG by Aldorlea Games is about a queen whose daughter is kidnapped. Saving the princess and the world alongside it is the quest. Moonchild is a shorter RPG in comparison to other Aldorlea RPGs.  I’m going to keep this review short and give my upsides and downsides to this game with my final scoring.

Good Points:

The dungeon design is great. I loved all of the dungeons in this game. They never felt overly complicated or too straight forward it was a great balance in my opinion. I will admit the end does have one heck of a puzzle, but for being the final dungeon it seems truly fitting.


Avg Points:

The combat was pretty typical and average as far as this genre goes, the only exception was the summons. I admit I really liked the summons and they are what really kept the combat from being boring.

The story is very straight forward and easy to follow. This made the game really good for casual playing without worrying about forgetting what you did or needed to do. Although it wasn’t terribly unique or exciting, outside of the main character being the queen vs some knight.

Bad Points:

The dialog was rather bland. The characters often felt flat and it lacked the humor of other RPGs by Aldorlea Games. The only characters dialog I didn’t find just boring was the queens. The downside was I found the queen to have no real regards for her subjects which is shown immediately in the game. She is also fairly obnoxious and makes rash decisions. I would think as a ruler and star character of the game a little bit of wisdom would be shown.

In the end, I felt this could have been better, but it just ended up average. It might sate your retro RPG fill, but Aldorlea Games has put out better choices.

I give this a 2.5 out of 5

Rating: 2.5/5 ★★½☆☆