RAID Review

RAID is one of the many Silver Dollar Games on the Xbox marketplace. If you haven’t seen one or at least played one of their trials I’m a bit surprised. I mean really they have a lot of them. Okay seriously though RAID is a game about the DEA knocking in dealers doors and shooting everyone up.

Sounds fun right, well if you think you’ll be doing this using twin-stick control or really any aiming system you would be wrong. Sorry this just isn’t that type of game. What it is, is a timing/press the right button game. When you kick in the door to a room it will put a button close to a person in the room you have a short time to press that button. If you fail to press a button or press the button if that person had a gun he will shoot you. If you press the right button you will shoot him and it will move to the next person in the room.

You will continue through the house until all rooms have been cleared. You can take three shots in any one level before you die. As the level gets higher you will come across people in rooms that don’t have a gun. Don’t shoot these people. You need to wait until time expires and moves to the next person. If you do shoot one of them it will automatically count as a failed level and you’ll have to continue as if you died. You can only continue a few times and then it is game over and time to start over. One more addition to the game that I’ve seen is before you break into the house you place a sniper location somewhere over the house while it is grayed out. If once you kick in the door that has the snipers location and a armed person is there the sniper will take them out for you.

You get points for taking out people as well as finding drugs. The finding of drugs seems completely random though. Once you reach level 50 it unlocks a level 50 mode. This is a feat I never managed to accomplish. I always seemed to screw up and shoot an innocent.

The gameplay is incredibly simple although like any game that requires you to press a specific button within a short time frame and that button is random I tend to screw up and press the wrong button. Also there are occasions where a person with a gun is really close to an innocent and it is hard to tell who you’re aiming at. I really am good at hitting the wrong target. I guess I just get a little trigger happy.

Overall I played this game many times always trying to get into it but never really could. The game is sound and plays as expected. Personally I would pass on this game, but try the demo and see what you think it might be the style of game you just might be missing from your Xbox line up.

I give this a 3 out of 5.

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