Mazeoto Review

Mazeoto is an FPS Maze game by new developer 10K31. I liked this game despite some of its flaws. Do you miss those days of dungeon crawling for 20 minutes only to find out you went the wrong way somewhere along the line and now have to go back to a different turn off? I know I do. These days games have gotten so easy that you never get lost or turned around. With graphics getting so good in games you have plenty of ways to identify your way, it’s lost that feel of where did I go wrong?

Mazeoto has awesome preset mazes. In story mode there are 4 levels of 3 mazes each, for a total of 12 mazes to wind your way through. You can also play these mazes by levels by just picking the levels you want to play from the main menu. If you are wanting more mazes there is also a random maze option on the main menu. Giving you endless maze wandering fun. To aid you along, you can bring up a map of the level to work your way through. I chose not to use this as much as possible. You also have a radar that shows you a very small grid on your hud of the walls around you and whats on the other side as well. Like any good maze once you put your pencil down and start making your way through it leaves a trail behind you showing every mistaken path you’ve taken. On the map it shades the path you have taken so you can see how many wrong turns you have made.

Mazeoto’s FPS elements aren’t the greatest, but they aren’t all bad. There are sentry style enemies that just lie in wait for you to come then start shooting at you. There are also enemies that wait till they see you then begin chase. Lastly there are a couple that will hunt you down through the maze. These can be the most annoying of them all, but are a definite need in the game.

There is only one weapon in the game, but if you play the story it makes sense why. If you were an experiment by aliens would you as the aliens give the experiment more than one weapon? I wouldn’t and the gun you get is good enough for anything you’ll come across. Also for a little more help in the game there are health circles that will give you back some health, as well as blue teleporters that will take you to other parts of the maze. When looking at the maze you can see where all these things are, as well as the enemies, just not what type of enemy. Which is good for people who aren’t good at fps’s or mazes.

Now as a reviewer, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t tell you the downsides of the game. So here they are but note I talked with the developer and told him my concerns and he seemed receptive to a probable update to the game to fix some of these issues. Here they are so that if you get this game which I would, especially if you love mazes. The downsides are only in the FPS element, but I can see it upsetting some. Anyways on with it right. There are too many heals on a level which makes it feel like the enemies are not nearly as threatening even if you do get lost. The enemies damage is not great enough or varied enough. They all seem to do very little damage even when you are just letting them chase you. I told him my concerns about this and I hope we do see an update to the enemies damage and less heal spots to add to the challenge. I think that would make FPS fans happy and make the game as a whole sit well in both genres.

I look forward to his next venture into game development. I will be giving 3 ratings in this indie review because of its dual genre mix and a final overall rating.

As a maze/puzzle game I give this a 5 of 5, it is just great in my opinion.
As a FPS game I currently give it a 3 out of 5 if this is what your looking for play the trial first.

Overall I give the game a 4 out of 5 a really good game that with one update could be a great game in both genres.

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