Return All Robots! Review

Space Whale Studios brewed up an interesting game in their lab, Return All Robots. This game is a puzzle game with a plot, I always like those a little better than your standard puzzle after puzzle. Especially if the plot is good, whether it be serious or humorous. This game goes with humorous.

I will say the plot is funny and goofy and if I worked at the company the character you play does, I think I would just have to kill the intern trainee. Although pretty much everyone at the company your character starts to work for just seems to be horrible. So catastrophe strikes and of coarse they send the intern to clean up the mess. That is you.

Your job is to make sure all the friendly little blue robots are saved from each puzzle. You do this with a remote that cause all robots good or bad to head towards your direction. The stages are each puzzles that require you to maneuver the good robots through without them touching the bad robots or any destructive trap/terrain. The game play is very easy to figure out, but it gets very hard to figure out some of these puzzles. The story keeps you moving though. I know it made me want to see the end.

Games with stories are just a nice touch, gives you a sense of importance in the game. Well you get that here, although your co-workers make not always make you feel that way. Don’t you just love big business. Anyway you do get a few other items in the labs to assist you in the puzzles, or in some cases make them impossible to complete.

You can always restart the current puzzle and if you think you can best your previous time on a puzzle go back in and do it. Every puzzle you complete shows your time and calls it took to complete. So you can always just do it again, to beat your previous time or just to play a puzzle you liked again. Another niceĀ  little feature is that even after you finish the games story there are some advanced difficulty puzzles that become available. So you still have more you can do.

All in all for a unique puzzle game with some descent music I had fun and can see myself playing a few of the puzzles again just to lower that time that can sometimes look really bad.

I give this game a 4 out of 5 so go download the trial now, you’ll probably be buying it 7 minutes later.

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