Winter Voices and I’m Frozen

I fell in love with Winter Voices created originally by Beyond the Pillar now owned by Inner Seas. It’s an tactical RPG with a focus on non combat. I know you are probably asking what the hell that meant, well hold your horses and I’ll tell you.

First, what I mean by non-combat is that all the battles aren’t about dealing damage to the enemies. Nope they are about getting to a certain point on the battlefield without collapsing, or surviving a certain amount of turns. Some have a vague clue as to what you are meant to do like lose in a battle that is really easy to survive in. This all may sound confusing, but it really does fit the somber story well.

The story is about grief and the many ways it’s dealt with. As you level up you gain new skills that follow along these paths of grief management. All to better help you deal with the haunting nightmares and terrible memories that you had long since cast aside, but with the tragic event that starts off the game have now come flooding back. All of this makes for an interesting story and interesting game-play.

You even gain experience from the conversations you have as well as completing the “battles”. These conversations can be amusing and annoying depending on what you say and the attitude of the person you talk to.

The 2 aspects many people would probably dislike a great deal about this RPG. First, it is an incredibly somber and slow placed story. Second, there is an incredibly large quantity of what many would call psychobabble on the gambit of emotional turmoil. Now this didn’t bother me for the most part, but there was some points where I thought damn just shut it, I get it I’m sad and feel worthless.

Although this didn’t detour me, I was still heavily into it. Then things started getting bad. I am not really sure what chapter I was in because well the game has some bugs. One I found pretty early on. After I finished a chapter, no achievement was given to mark it. So I sort of lost track of where I was in the game. Other bugs caused me to reload battles because of the rare crash. It all came to a end though when crossing the frozen mountains my game froze. When I reloaded my save it froze again at the same point. Over and over I couldn’t get past that point and well I was not about to start from scratch so while I could never get to the last released chapter.

This is all really sad, becuase until this series of freezes drove me mad, I was more than ready to buy the last chapter whenever it would be released. I even had recommended it in the past. Prior to running into these bugs.

Now I’m incredibly conflicted, I have to rate this a 1 out of 5 simply because the bugs render the game unplayable via certain paths. I do know others have gotten past where I got stuck, but even if you never experience these issues the game is so very unique that I could only recommend it to the person who would like a wordy depressing TRPG.