Warriors Orochi 3: The Review

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s not an indie game. I don’t really care. I’ve wanted to write a review on it for a while and I will do just that. Who’s running this site anyway? Yeah, I know it’s been out for almost a year on Xbox 360. I don’t care. Okay now that my argument with myself is done, lets get this review on.

I’ll start by saying if you hate all the previous warrior games by Tecmo Koei, well keep on walking. I doubt the changes and upgrades to this game will be enough to make you really like it. Now if you have been on the fence about it, well then read on. As a heads up this review was done with a 360 copy with all DLC except the outfits. Alright I may have bought one of the cheaper ones.

So I’m not going to bore the ever living shit out of you with a crap load of details on this game. Just about every major reviewer out there alread has. So I’ll keep this simple light and fuzzy. The fuzzy is in like a bunny not your mental state of mind after reading this. I’ll start with the good and the bad list.

The Good:
So many characters even the Monkey King’s Stick can’t be shaken at them all, but you can unlock him and try for yourself.
Beat a stage and you unlock extras to be used to meddle with those stages for slightly more entertaining replay of the stages.
The DLC stages really only add a bit of extra fun and not anything truly storyline like. They are more like little dream sequences. So you don’t need them to have fun.
It has online play! That is awesome.
Tons of weapons and a good selection of abilities to put on them.
Last of all, you get to play with 3 chars at once and they have a special attack that all three can use together for an even better super attack.

The Bad:
Trying to get the achievements is frustrating and time consuming to the point of just saying, “Screw them, I beat the game already.”
In stage creation/editing mode you sadly can’t change the objectives of the map to create your own scenarios. (That was really saddening).
Damn, online play, requires both players to have beat the stage on their own to play it online. So nope, you can’t help your friend get through that stage they got stuck on. That is a damn pity. I remember couch play on the older games allowed for a second player to come in and help (at the risk of botching the level if they died during it).
Bonds! I at first thought this was really cool. Quickly I began to see how much of a hassle it was to raise bonds and how it forced me to play teams I didn’t like and characters not fun to play in my own eyes.

The game is fun to play in that hack and slash sort of mild button mash way. The characters moves vary enough that even if they do use the same sword, you may play them differently. The story of the game is phenomenal.

Rating 4/5 If this is the last game of the Orochi series, I will be saddened since this is the only Warriors game that has a fictional story that can evolve, unlike the Dynasty Warriors Gundam and Fist of the North Star series which both follow previously written and animated stories.