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Dishwasher: Dead Samurai Review

Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is Ska Studios XBLA title. If you’re unfamiliar with Dishwasher, you may have heard of their other titles ZP2K9, ZP2KX, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1, and Zombie Smashers X4 Guitarpocalypse! for the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is an action Hack and Slash about a Dishwasher who dies and still walks. While all manner of enemies from zombies, robots, cyborgs, and secret agents come to put the dishwasher to rest permanently.

Dishwasher has a Story, Arcade and Dish Challenge Mode as well as Local Co-op Arcade Mode and Xbox Live Arcade mode. In Story mode you get 14 stages, plus the credits while Arcade Mode has 50 stages.
Challenge mode only has the one stage but its just more of a horde mode sort of thing.

In Story mode you must complete a stage before you can play the next one, although once a stage is beaten you can play any stage you have unlocked. So you can easily pick up where you last left off in the game. You can purchase upgrades to your weapons as well as health items and continues within the stages when you find the little robot selling them. The story between chapters is nicely told by a scrolling comic strip. In story mode you have 5 difficulty settings; Easy, Normal, Ninja, Samurai and Tourney. You must beat the story in Normal or Ninja to unlock Samurai and Tourney.

In Arcade mode you fight in an arena style stage attempting to kill a predetermined amount of enemies. Once that is completed you will move on to the next stage. This mode supports single or two player action and is a lot of fun. You pick the two weapons you will carry for the stage and try to get the best score for the leaderboard. With 50 stages you have plenty of time you will get out of this mode.

Finally in Dish Challenge mode you start on one sizable stage and your objective is to kill as many enemies as you can before they kill you. It’s all about the score in this mode. So pick your two weapons wisely.

Dishwashers gameplay is pretty simple you have your standard jump button as well as your 3 attack buttons. You have right trigger to switch to your other weapon as well as left trigger or flicking the right stick to activate the special ability tied to your current weapon. These abilities could be Teleporting or rolling amongst others, with some weapons you can stick to walls.

Artistically the style sort of reminds me of the comic “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” and to me that felt just right for this game. The music is blends with the game enough that while your playing you really don’t notice it much.

My only grief with the game was that I couldn’t get an online match going to see how that was all handled, but I was able to get a local co-op match going and that was fun. Achievement junkies beware the developers had a sense of humor and very few achievements for the game are divisible by 5 so expect to up getting a 21pt Achievement. This doesn’t bother me but someone more obsessed with their gamerscore might not like this.

Overall this game has a lot of to offer time wise and has a nice artistic style while maintaining the level of fun you expect and want from a game.

I give this a 5 out of 5 I’m ashamed it took me as long as it did to buy this game.

If you agree with me, be ready for the release of Dishwasher: Vampire Smile on April 6, 2011.

The Indie Games Winter Uprising Gets the Spotlight

This is an event started by the designers of indie games on Xbox. The event has released a lot of really good games of different varieties. Two of the games are still to be released, but of the 14 game line-up that isn’t bad. They started the event to bring more attention to Xbox Indie Games in general as well as there own. To show it’s not just a bunch of apps, but some real quality games.

They succeeded in garnering enough attention that even Microsoft took note. So, for the 12 games already released they have a panel on the Xbox Spotlight. Way to go, hopefully this will show people who are afraid to buy the indie games that there are great games for decent prices that are well worth the risk of picking up a bad game, when you could get 3 more that you love.

So here is a list of the games released as part of the Uprising as well as links to my reviews on the ones I’ve reviewed. So take a look here and at your dashboard and pick up a couple if you haven’t yet.

Epic Dungeon
Hypership Out of Control
Break Limit
Decimation X3
Soul Caster 2
Crossfire 2
Aphelion: Episode Two: Wings of Omega
Asteroids Do Concern Me
Chu’s Dynasty
ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls
Alpha Squad

Cthulhu Saves the World

With these games to be released
Rickenbacker vs. the Aliens

Congratulations to them for succeeding in getting noticed and to all the dev’s for making such great games. I hope this impacts the indie marketplace in a great way, introducing non-indie game buyers into exploring the wide variety of indie games available on XBLIG.

The following link brings you to their official page;

ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls! Review – Winter Uprising

Ska Studios‘ indie game ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls! which from this point will just be referred to as ZP2KX is another title of the Winter Uprising. If you have ever played ZP2K9 then you have an idea of how this game plays, if not don’t worry I’ll tell you about it.

This game is a shooting frenzy. With many maps to play on your little man runs, jumps, walks on walls and ceilings and even has a jet pack to get around. You pick up weapons along the way to blow your enemies up, stab, or even shrink them.

This game has every major match type you could think of; Death Match, Team Death Match, Humans vs Zombies, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill. For a 2D scrolling game it pulls off the different shooter modes really well. The game has a level system that unlocks cloths, skills, and classes.  You can modify all the classes with any skills you already unlocked.

This game is the the best xblig online game I’ve played. Every time I’ve went to play there has always been others playing. Even if you manage to find a time that people aren’t playing you can play in practice mode against bots.

The game plays like a twin stick shooter for direction of fire and movement. Other buttons are used to throw grenades or proximity mines or whatever you may be carrying as well as other things but all of this is easy to get used to. All the match types are jump in jump out style which is great for the gamer who has only 15 minutes before dinner or some other activity.

I give this a very solid 5 out of 5. Don’t even bother with the trial just buy this game, you won’t feel cheated.