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SFG Office Brawlers Review

Stir Fry Games Office Brawlers is an Avatar fighting game. The theme of the game is an office that settles all disagreements via a fight to the death in a 3 dimensional arena. The story is progressed by the emails you receive from your fellow coworkers who have a grudge to settle with you.

The game has 4 modes of play. Story mode is where you work your way up, or should I say through the corporate ladder. You will unlock the weapons of your challengers after you beat them down, with a number of Office Space references that made me chuckle. Downside is you really can get by with one weapon. Leaving the rest of the weapons as little extras for diversity.

Vs mode sets you up for local multiplayer battles and specifically chosen battles with the CPU.  My 9yr old and 3yr old had a great time playing against me.  So if you have younger children who love their xbox avatars and also want to beat you using them, they’ll like this a lot. I have to admit cracking a Halo helmet wearing avatar over the head with a chair just doesn’t get old.

Survival mode is just a go one fight after another till you fall. No healing between matches you go on to get the high score. Now this mode I found pretty tough.

The final mode would be online play, but was unable to find a match and although I attempted to host a match at different times I never got anyone to play against. So I can’t really comment on how well the mode plays.

Overall this is a game is fun for the duration of the story mode after that you’ll really want a local friend to play against.

4 out of 5