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Love Hurts Review

JonCorp Games‘ XBLIG Love Hurts is a retro style beat em up. With a parody plot on the whole aspect of saving the princess or damsel in distress. You will fight your way to save your love. Noble right, I know your thinking about all the games that have had that same storyline. That is the point to this game having the storyline.

Love Hurts is a single player beat em up, with your typical types of enemies. With the guy that just punches you or guys who jump kick you repeatedly. None of the enemies really bust out with anything unexpected or exciting. The game is more focused on its retro graphics and the cartoon feel they attempt to have as well as its cliche and bad jokes.

Your fighting style is just punching, uppercuts, body slams, kicks, low kicks, jump kicks.and the option to block. The enemies as I said use attacks pretty much the same, and you’ll be fighting that enemy repeatedly within that level. At the end of each level there is a unique boss so there is a bit of finality between each level. You may notice a few things when fighting the enemies, one thing is that once you know their attack pattern you can easily use it against them while the second is that it tends to fail to register hits that you obviously make on the enemies. Although it doesn’t seem to make that mistake when attacking you. I first noticed that annoyance when I was knocked over by a butler and every time I stood up he would hit me till I fell again, while my attacks would miss him completely because I was too close.It didn’t seem to matter that my fist was going right through his face the hit detection just didn’t pick it up.

This can easily put you in a situation, that is not only frustrating but can also cause you to lose the game. Since the game only has a few levels to it, there is no save option. There isn’t even an option to continue so if you die you’re starting from the beginning again.Outside of single player mode it does have a local scoreboard to check out your skills.

Now as far as the graphics go the cartoonish look makes all the characters look very goofy to me. I don’t make this call simply based on the fact that it uses SNES style graphics. I actually get into games with a retro feel and look, This game makes a joke about it’s artwork within the game, but I didn’t find it all that funny because I agreed with the joke more like it was a statement..

I really wanted to like this game and instead I just ended up finding the gameplay frustrating with its failing to catch obvious hits and somewhat tedious and repetitive enemies. The graphics boring and badly drawn out, even with going for that retro appearance, and the story wasn’t very funny nor was it anything that would draw me into the game, For a game meant to be a parody you expect to laugh a bit but I just wasn’t laughing, and  really that is about all there is to this game.

I give this game a 2 out of 5, even if you like the genre get the trial first. If you do like the art style you may like the game a lot more than me.