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Holiday Bonus Review

Grey Alien Games produced Holiday Bonus in 2006 for the PC. Then the following year released it on the Mac. This is their first endeavor into the XBLIG Marketplace with plans to potentially release other games that they have made to the Xbox. For what it’s worth this is definitely a good game to release, even if it was released a few weeks after the holidays were over. For the purpose of this review I used the XBLIG version.

Holiday Bonus is a puzzle game, where the object is to turn all the gray areas of a level non gray. You do this by making the common three matching blocks either horizontally or vertically. When a match is made the match is destroyed and the blocks slide down and new blocks appear at the top of the level. If the match that was destroyed happened to have blocks that were gray those blocks are no longer gray. Once all gray blocks are gone the level is beat.

This unlocks the next level, of which there are many. In the PC and Mac version there are 55 levels and it appears that is the case here as well. You can replay any level you have unlocked. A nice touch is all the levels have a holiday theme. With special blocks like bon-bons that act like bombs to blow up a section of blocks as well as other special blocks that can be used for their effect. The game play is simple to get into and is perfect for jump in and jump out play. Start a level beat it and you can quit the game. Come back later and your ready to start the next level.

This game can be enjoyed by any age and it is a great puzzle game. It is well polished and deserves a trial download. Another thing to note is this game is sold for $9.99 for PC or Mac, while it is only 80 msp on the Xbox. How can you not at least download the trial at this deal? I think its only downside is that with the holiday theme it might feel odd playing it in the summer.

I really liked this game and give it a 4 out of 5.