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Marble Puzzle Review

A classic solitary puzzle game released by Earth Base Games, Marble Puzzle brings the old 14 marble/peg triangle game to your console via the XBLIG marketplace. I don’t know about you, but this one brings me back to my youth on those family vacations. Playing any and all manner of games with my sister or by myself to keep from being board to tears between stops. I myself had this game with its wooden triangle and golf tee pegs so a little bump in the road wouldn’t cause the pegs to fall out.

Well, if you miss that game and want to show off your skill at how great and fast you were at solving the puzzles this game has brought it back. It is a simple game with 4 levels of difficulty each level is one of the 4 possible starting points for the game. Although you will have to beat the prior level before being allowed to try the next puzzle.

Outside of that Marble Puzzle has two challenge modes. The first is to find the solutions. In find solutions it requires you to take the puzzle and beat the puzzle with your piece in all possible ending locations. Once done you can move on to the next puzzle of ending locations. there are 3 levels of these challenges. It is a nice change of pace requiring you to not just accidentally get it right, but forcing you to get it right multiple times all with a different ending location. The second of the challenge modes is actually rather odd. It is called Leave Many and the object of this challenge is to take a board with all 15 marbles in it and remove one then begin the game attempting to leave the most marbles you can still on the board without any possible way to remove them.

Now if you have never played this puzzle game before, I am a little stunned. I’ll explain it to you though. The puzzle contains 15 holes on a triangle. 14 of these holes contain a marble. You then use the marble to jump another marble to an empty space, then removing the marble jumped. You continue doing this until you can no longer make any more jumps with the object being to leave only one marble behind. With a simple mechanic and gameplay it’s not to hard to figure it out. It may take you dozens for attempts before you beat a particular puzzle allowing you to play the next level.

Some features the game has as extras are that you may change the background your wooden triangle sits on, the music playing to the game or to turn the music off, and lastly a leaderboard to keep track of how well you have done. The background really has no bearing to gameplay and is only an aesthetic thing, the music is neither annoying nor enthralling and largely is ignored as much as the background is. The leaderboard is a nice touch as it tells you what your best time was for beating a puzzle or the most marbles you left behind.

Surprisingly the game does have a lag when loading up a level, which seems odd but once the level is loaded everything runs at a normal pace. There are no real faults to this game, but nor does it stand out. For the 80msp this game costs if you haven’t played it before and like challenging your mind its a good game and probably a bit cheaper this way than to buy a physical copy. For those who have played this, it is far more of a novelty game and possibly a reminder of those long car trips.

As far as score goes I give this a 2 out of 5. I couldn’t see buying it myself and I like puzzle games, but I can see why some would want it. I think overall most wouldn’t get much out of this game or truly enjoy it compared to other puzzle games.