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Dirchie Kart Review

Dirchie Kart by BrownBot Games brings us an SNES Mario Kart style mayhem filled racing game. Dirchie Kart is a kart racing game with animated whimsical racers as well as the option to use your Avatar.

Dirchie Kart is one indie game that really brings back a classic Kart racing feel. It has two cups you can race, each with a 250cc, 500cc, and 1000cc mode. The tracks are brutal and the weapons are your classic weapons. The racing is pretty hard on 500cc. I get crushed on 1000cc, but I know I will keep at it. This game doesn’t go easy on you though, even in 250cc. If you hit a wall dead on your going to have to back up and get yourself back in the race. Falling off the track can totally ruin a race for you.

You can play this game single player or up to four players and still have the computer controlling the other racers so even in multiplayer mode the fun doesn’t stop. Not only can you play the cups in multiplayer mode but you can play battle mode and drag mode. Drag mode is something I can honestly say I’ve never seen in a kart racing game. It’s a fairly easy mode to understand just be the first to cross the finish line on a drag strip. Battle Mode is pretty much the same as battle mode in other kart games, the order of survival is what determines how many points are earned.

When you play the game in multiplayer mode you can choose to play it in event mode which you set how many rounds there are. After each match it allows the next person to pick whether the next round is a race, drag, or battle mode. After all the rounds are up the player with the most points wins. I thought this was a great option. I’ve been a part of many kart racing games multiplayer matches and inevitably at least one person will be wanting to race or battle while everyone else wants the other mode. Event mode allows that player to choose the race mode when it comes to their turn.

You have 3 weight class cars for your choosing. Each class has different benefits and negatives. There is the race kart which is the fastest and has the highest boost but only one heart and can only carry one weapon. The convertible has two hearts can carry two weapons but is slower than the race car and has less boost. The last option is a Semi front that has 3 hearts can carry 3 weapons, but is the slowest car and has the least amount of boost. You can activate boost by drifting and in the cars that can hold multiple weapons you can switch between them. Like any good kart racer you can launch most weapons forward or backwards.

Dirchie kart even offers a track a little like the rainbow road, it is like a painter just started letting different colors of paint splatter. This makes for a very difficult track that is incredibly easy to fall off of repeatedly. When it comes down to it this game features the things we love of from kart racers with a few bonus features for extra measure.

4 out of 5