Hypership Out of Control Review – Winter Uprising

How fast can you react? Fun Infused Games’ Hypership Out of Control will ask you that repeatedly. Hypership will bring you back to the NES or old Arcade cabinets and remind you why you started gaming. The premise of this game is simple, shoot the stuff in your way and don’t crash as your speed continues to increase.

With five game modes all with four player support, this game is fun for all those around. So what are those game modes? Well, I’m glad you asked. You have your normal mode, this is just as it says the gameplay is simple and standard. You shoot the asteroids, collect coins and power-ups  and work your way around the obstacles. Hardcore is the same as normal mode except you have to attempt to beat the game with only one life.  Good luck I say to you, good sir. Superspeed mode is just plain fun, in normal mode the speed caps at 800 I believe. In superspeed mode there is no cap, things just get faster. Now for me normal mode was hard, this mode was just crazy when the speed got passed the 800. I didn’t survive long after that, but it was fun and I’ll do it again and again. The next mode is Coin Down. I like this mode as well. It is like your standard countdown mode where the game ends when you run out of time, except the time is your coins. Your collected coins go down regularly as well as in chunks when you die. This mode forces you to go after those coins you might ignore in the other modes. If your wondering, no you don’t share your coins with the other players. You can run out of coins and be out of the game but they could still keep going. The last mode is practice mode which allows you to play any level you have completed. Great for figuring out the best path through. I kind of thought of this mode as cheating.

Now you might be disheartened by the 8-bit style graphics, but that is part of the feel of the game.  Everything is easily distinguished and flows well. Hey, try and read some of words on the course. If you are a graphics snob that thinks only the leading edge in graphics can make great games, I pity you. You will miss out on what made gaming great. This game has what it takes to be a great game and it has a leaderboard where you can see how you are faring against others. If you think younger gamers won’t get into this, I can say that my kid wanted to play this again and again.

Updated 12/04/2010

Added for the Indie Game Winter Uprising was an Update to the game. What is heavily noticeable is the new reverse mode for all gameplay modes. In reverse mode you play each stage reversed which is a great deal more difficult, but a blast. It takes some practice getting used to the stages being backwards. Another addition is that all the reverse modes have their own leaderboards so you can still see how you rank up against others who dare the reverse mode. A new song was added to the game as well.

Get this game 5 out of 5