Text Zedventure Review

I had really high hopes for this indie game. I had not played a text based adventure game since the 90’s. I was a big fan of the first Zork game. So I was really hoping this game would take steps to bring that retro style game back to us.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. With three stories to play from all of them are incredibly short. Even with multiple endings for each story you can get to the decisions and chose to do the things you didn’t rather quickly to see those other endings. Within a little more than an hour you will have easily seen all outcomes.

What puts the real hurt on this game is that it isn’t really like a text based adventure game of old. It is more like a choose your own adventure book put up on the screen. Now this isn’t to say I dislike choose your own adventure books. I loved them as a kid, what is the downer is that all the choices are rather obvious and the story isn’t long at all. Between choices you really don’t get much of a storyline and everything that happens you can see coming.

Since the theme of the stories is a zombie outbreak it is just one more game attempting to ride the zombie band wagon. Not that I dislike zombie games. I love them and with some depth of story and some more choices that really changed the events within the story this could have been a great choose your own adventure style game. But it isn’t. For the zombie enthusiast I want to give it a 2 out of 5 stars, just for something a little different in the genre. Any other gamer go buy a different game.

1 star out of 5 at best.