Extra Life 2011 Update

Now that September has started, that only leaves a month and a half till Oct 15th 2011. The 24hr gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals needs your help and contributions. The amount I’ve raised so far has been pretty low, so each and everyone of you really do matter. Don’t wait till the last minute to donate if you are interested, that is usually when I tend to forget.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about their is more info on my previous article located here. If you are wanting to help with a donation just click here and click on the support button to make your contribution. In my eyes no contribution is too small or too large. Give what you can for the hospitals. Remember donations through me go to the Children’s Memorial Hospital, but others are working to raise money for other hospitals, and you should be able to search for them as well.

Remember this is a good cause and let’s show them what gamers can accomplish when they put their minds to it. Don’t be put off by the lack of donations help be the motivator for others. And remember I am open to suggestions on the Indie games I will play for those 24hrs. I want your opinions on this one.

To Donate go to this page: Extra Life Donations

To Read more about it from them go to this page: Extra Life Info