Spermatozoon Review

Charco StudiosSpermatozoon for the XBLIG marketplace is probably not the game you might be expecting. The goal of the game is to fertilize the ovum with the spermatozoon by getting past the contraceptive. Now if your thinking this game sound downright dirty, you’d be pretty wrong. Seriously take a look at the screen shot so we can move on to the rest of the review of this incredibly fun game.

Spermatozoon has two playable modes Solo and Multi modes. In solo mode you unlock stages as you beat the previous one. With 53 levels and multiple forms of barriers. Some of the barriers are breakable and some are unbreakable. There are some barriers that slow down the spermatozoon while others speed it up. They rotate in different directions as well, while you will launch each spermatozoon directly towards the ovum in the center the game is a lot about timing and sometimes a little luck doesn’t hurt either. Each of the stages are different with different patterns and different firing positions.

Multi mode has a number of options with support for 4 local players. You can play the levels sequentially or in random order. It can be turn based, or played in normal mode. You are able to choose the number of rounds as well as the timeout for a shot and the amount of spermatozoon available to fire at the ovum.

After beating each stage stats are shown for the level, it also includes some top player scores on this screen. The game is very enjoyable, easy to play, and different from any game I can remember playing.

I asked the developer of few questions about the game and here is what he said.

Q. What inspired you to make this game?
A. this summer i attended a conference on video games, one of the speakers, David Ferritz, http://dfrriz.blogspot.com/ from Devilish Games http://www.devilishgames.com/english.php , talked about his experience in the business. he talked about his first video game, whose hero was a mutant spermatozoon… and later when he was explaining how to make a good curriculum, David said that if anyone presented him an spermatozoon game, he immediately hired him.

I developed the game that afternoon, and at night i sent him the first playable prototype. http://www.youtube.com/malditis#p/u/11/E6F3TH8LBeI

Q. Why sperm versus, just about any other thing that could be heading to the center circle?
A. I like the tail movement. 😉
i was considering to make a death star clone with x-wings, but i decided be loyal to the first idea.
to be honest i have been loyal to the second idea. the first was too indecent. 🙂

Q. Was there another game that influenced Spermatozoon?
A. No.

Overall this game I give a 4 out of 5, it is a great game and a blast to play. I think the timing aspect of the game may turn away many as might the subject matter, even though it never really feels at all like a sexual game.

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