Defy Gravity Review

Defy Gravity by Fish Factory Games for the XBLIG and PC is an interesting platformer. By means of manipulating gravity with your only weapon like device you must traverse the ancient alien ruins for something to save mankind. What this something is, you’ll have to play to find out. For the purpose of this review I used the Xbox Live indie game version.

When you start the game you are presented with 2 options, Continue or New Game. Not much going on as far as a menu system. The gameplay for Defy Gravity is pretty simple in concept, but has its challenges in doing what you really want to do. Thankfully there are many check points in the game. So when you screw up at least you’re not going back to the start of the level. You create Gravity wells and Anti-gravity wells to maneuver through the stage you may be moving a platform you are standing on or moving enemies into other directions. If your gravity shield is off, you will be pulled or pushed by your wells also.

You’ll face a few different obstacles along your way. Your most common obstacle is the electric lines. These act as futuristic spikes in this platformer. You have enemies, but they don’t really come after you, so they are more like moving spike balls. You can move them around by using gravity to pull or push them into different directions. There are 3 platform types as well; movable, falling and solid. The movable ones are moved by, yep you guessed it, your gravity gun. The object is to reach the door at the end of a stage.

Starting off this game is really quite fun, and you can get the hang of the gravity objects pretty quickly. It also feels like a good platformer. Sadly it quickly loses it’s platforming feel as you are forced to figure out how to play each level. It really becomes a puzzle game and much slower, as this element comes more to the fore front. Before you know it your struggling to make it through the next set of obstacles to reach another checkpoint.

Visually you won’t be stunned. Unless you are stunned by the monotony of the stages. Each one looking the same. Your Metroidish looking character gets no upgrades and all things retain about 3 colors, black, grey and more grey. Okay so there is the red electric lines and some gold enemies and platforms but it doesn’t do enough to make the game stand out in anyway. The music isn’t anything impressive either.

Playing wise I don’t think it would lure many into replaying this game. I liked this game a lot at first, but the more I played the more it bored me. I would without a doubt recommend getting the trial first. I also recommend playing it a few times before deciding whether you want to buy this game.

I rate this game a 2 out of 5, It’s just not very fun in the long run.