TriLinia ReAct Review

Tendi’s XBox Live’s indie game TriLinia ReAct is puzzle battle game. You’ll face off against a player or an AI on one game board where you will drop domino like pieces down to make 3 block matches. Now you may be thinking “This has been done so many times before”, but not like this. TriLinia ReAct throws a few twists into it’s gameplay and creates a interesting and more complex puzzle game than a simple columns clone.

TriLinia ReAct has 4 single player modes to keep you busy. You have Quick Match which is pretty much the same thing as playing a two player match just against the AI. I’ll get into the multiplayer matches later so we’ll move on to the 3 other modes of single player. You have challenge mode which consists of 6 worlds made up of 10 challenges each. Each challenge can give you 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on how well you beat them. The more stars you collect the more challenges and modes you can play. Each challenge is on a card that once you beaten it, the stars you’ve earned from it will be marked so you can see if you should try it again to get a better score. Another mode you have is Score attack, and  once again the stars you collect unlock more score attack challenges. The Final mode is Time Attach which is a time based challenges that earn you stars and also need stars to unlock them. All three modes earn you stars that are shared amongst the modes and you don’t pay to unlock the challenges within the modes you just need to have earned that many stars and the card with the challenge will flip and become available.

Now your probably wondering what sort of challenges would you face within these modes. A lot, the challenge could be to destroy a certain number of blocks in a certain amount of time. It could be to defeat an opponent by destroy his color blocks and preventing him from destroying yours. You might need to use a special or destroy blocks as a combo. What gives this game some added difficulty are 2 major things one you and your opponent share the same board, so you can be messing them up as much as you are helping yourself or vice versa. Another thing is specials or magic attacks during battle matches you may have special abilities you can use on your enemy by earning mp to cast them. With a few other special board based attacks that come into play things are very fast paced and a player or an AI can make things very challenging.

Score Attack and Time Attack are a lot like the other challenges you’ll face in Challenge mode, but are focused on your score or earning as many points as you can before the time runs out. These modes I found are a nice get away from the difficulty of some challenges. When you place a piece on the board it begins to fall and if it makes a match of 3 of the same color it blows those blocks up. Since you drop a block of two squares the pieces fall independently so, dropping a block sideways could have one block slide down a path while the other stops on top of a much higher block on the board. It can be very important at what height you drop the piece on the board.

TriLinia ReAct also sports a good Multiplayer mode to boot. You can play locally against anther player in one of three modes. The first is a standard battle mode without special magic attacks and board powers. The second is a battle mode that does using the magic attacks and board based attacks. The third mode is mission mode, this mode is the most complex. In mission mode you will play a number of matches, each match with a time limit but a different goal. The person to accomplish that goal before the time runs out will win that match and a new goal will be announced. If no one gets it a new goal will still be announced when the time for that match is up. You will keep doing this for a number of rounds. Once all the rounds have been played the winner will be the one who has earned the most points for winning the most rounds. Many different missions keep the matches interesting.

This game has excellent graphics and a challenging set of missions to earn the stars to see all the boards and missions. TriLinia also sports a stats section for those players who love to check out how good they are doing as well as awards for players to try for. It’s also quite a bit of fun taking on another person, locally or on live.

I did have a few issues/problems with the game. One with both players playing on the same grid it was hard to tell what was going on when the AI or other player moved their blocks onto the same place of the grid you were at. Another issue is the game is quite difficult and takes some time to really get the hang of it. My last issue is simply that this game needs more of an audience playing it. It is very hard to get a online match going, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Even with those downsides I give TriLinia ReAct a 4 out of 5. If you like puzzle games you’ll surely like this, otherwise try the demo. I’m betting you’ll like it even if you don’t like puzzle games.