Infinity Danger Review

Milkstone Studio’s Xbox Indie Game Infinity Danger is a game inspired by a free PC game by Hikware called Warning Forever. This shmup is simple in design, but is different every time you play. If your wondering why the title Infinity Danger is so similar to Warning Forever it was to give credit to their inspiration and attention to it as well. Infinity Danger is a game where you get to skip the hassle of a stage and go straight to the boss battle. Take a look at the beauty of both games (first image is Warning Forever, second image is Infinity Danger) and then read the rest of this review.

Infinity Danger is a game that was just meant for a console system with dual sticks. It’s one of the things Warning Forever was missing play style wise. In Infinity Danger you will fight boss after boss, with one stick controlling movement while the other controls your aim and fire. All the while you will use your LT and RT to widen the spread or shrink it for a more directed attack.

Infinity Danger is all about time. You gain time from destroying ship parts of the enemy ship while you lose time by being blown up.
You also gain time from defeating the boss. A match ends when you run out of time not lives. Your score and level of boss is then placed on the peer leaderboard.

Now what makes Infinity Danger and Warning Forever stand out as something different is you. Your playing style. The more you focus on certain tactics the more the next boss will have an add-on to prevent you from using that same tactic. For instance if you got right up next to the boss and just tore into it’s core, then upgrade before the next round may be to mobility so it and better run into or away from you. The four stats that it upgrades are as follows, mobility, armor, turrets, and shot. I find it is very partial to upgrading turrets and turning the match into a bullet hell game when I play.

The boss in Infinity Danger can have up to 7 different types of weapons placed all over its frame. Which seems to take on a different shape every time I played. This twin-stick shooter takes a bit of strategy to really move forward while avoiding the myriad of attacks, as well as the ship itself ramming into you. This game is fast playing action with a good leaderboard and easy jump in to play a quick match and come back anytime you want. A game never felt like it was so long that I was bored in anyway the changing style of the enemy ship seems to keep me interested in its next configuration.

Artistically I think they did a great job changing the game from a vector style game. According to Milkstone Studios they felt that XBLIG had enough vector style games and they want to make their ships and background more realistic. I think they accomplished that.

I give Infinity Danger a 5 out of 5 More than worth the dollar.

Now if your curious on my rating on Warning Forever, I would give it a 3 out of 5. Controls are very hard to use, and make it only enjoyable for very short periods of time. If you can just get Infinity Danger it’s enhancements and additions by far make it worth the dollar. Either way go get Warning Forever just to see why this game inspired them.