Abduction Action! Review

When the alien invasion occurs, I hope it goes a little like this Xbox Indie Game from Fun Infused Games. Abduction Action! is a humorous game that puts you in control of the alien invaders. Your missions are goofy and that just makes the game all the better.

The plot of the game is that your brother in-law got you the pilot position that you couldn’t get on your own, because your sister nagged him into it. Your brother in-law is now your commanding officer who won’t mind if you crash and burn, as long as you die when you crash. So you will spend your time abducting what he tells you to and defend your ship by using your tractor beam.

So the gameplay is incredibly simple and that adds to the enjoyment of this game. You never have to take it or anything too seriously. With one button you activate your tractor beam and if you are above something it will pick it up as long as it’s not too heavy. The people will yell at you, cows moo and so on. You will abduct animals, people and even beer to anger and annoy those stupid humans. You fly your ship using the stick. You use that and the tractor beam to drop armed men or drop things on enemy vehicles or people. Whatever it takes to stop them from shooting at you.

All this is pretty funny with your brother in-law getting his two words in between missions as he sends you on increasingly difficult missions in his attempt to be rid of you. If you get tired of playing the story mode though there is a score attack mode and in that you just rack up points hitting birds picking up livestock and people, and killing them pesky gun toting farmers. All the while things get harder and harder till you die and your score is put on the leaderboard. It’s just plain good fun.

I’d tell you more, but there isn’t much more to say. The game really does stand on it’s own and is a worthy addition to any XBLIG collection.

I give the game a 4 out of 5.