Alpha Squad Review

The plot driven Alpha Squad by Dragon Divide is a gem of local and online play. Yes, Alpha Squad is a twin-stick shooter but it is so much more. Remember back when you entered a screen from a road and had to kill everything before you could choose which direction you leave the screen? That is how this is combined with a storyline.

Now Lets talk about the story. Don’t worry I won’t ruin any of the plot. I can’t stand when reviewers do that, so I am not about to follow with that. The interesting aspect of this game is that it starts with a story unlike just about every twin-stick shooters. You kill the enemies on screen and can talk to some characters to learn more about what is going on as well as advance the plot. Not to mention if you dislike the guy you just talked to the game doesn’t stop you from wasted them. Now that is just funny. Thanks for the info buddy, now die. Now that got me off track a bit. The story has multiple endings so depending on what you do can effect the game ending you will see.

Now gameplay wise it is a lot like most games in the genre control wise. You can call up a shop to buy a new weapon (that contains a limited amount of ammo) to use. Not to mention you can enter buildings, search objects and talk to people. The controls never get complicated. You have 4 different characters to play as and can play locally or online with others.

This game is fun in a lot of ways. Even the story has some humor in it. Not to mention lots of images of scantily clad, large breasted women. While your team is a rough group of military men in this strange earth. I never got bored playing this and I still have more endings to see. Some area’s are just downright hard to do alone and for the most part that is how I tended to play this game, though my girlfriend did assist me in a few spots and enjoyed the game as well.

The game also has an arena mode where you can just face waves of enemies on random maps. If you’ve played horde mode in games, then you pretty much know what to expect. The heart of the game really is in the story, but if you just want to blast away and see how long you can then arena mode is for you.

Honestly this is a great game, and you are just wasting time reading anymore of this review. You should be buying the game.

5 out of 5