Dual Zone Review

Have you ever tried to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time? If not try it, we’ll wait. Okay now that we all know how hard it is to actually do that you can understand Dual Zone by Ninja Fever a little better. It is a lot like that combined with a bit of the tron bike mode.

Dual Zone is all about staying alive. In single player modes you control a blue ship and a red ship. You control the red ship with the left control stick and the blue ship with the right control stick. This is why I say it is like patting your head and rubbing your tummy. In co-op modes one player controls the red ship and the other controls the blue ship. Obviously this takes the confusing aspect right out of the game.

The game has 4 modes; Campaign Mode, Co-op Campaign Mode, Panic Mode, and Co-op Panic Mode. The game modes are all played in a circular arena where enemies appear and start heading towards the particular ship they can hurt. In campaign mode it eases you into it with instructions on what you need to do to complete the level. Your blue ship can destroy blue ships by running into them or by making them run into the small particle trail you leave behind as you move. This is where I get my tron reference, although the trail fades fast and doesn’t extend to far behind you. Your red ship does the same thing except to red enemies. pretty simple in concept. Hard to put in play when your controlling both ships. In panic mode you have three lives for each ship and you just keep going as the enemies come quickly. It gets intense pretty fast.

Now if your wondering what happens if you make your blue and red ship touch. Well one of them blows up. Its not good, try and keep them away from each other while also protecting them from the enemies that only the other ship can destroy. In multiplayer mode that is what you really need to worry about. This is where you start losing track of which ship your moving with each stick. Believe me you try not to, but it happens.

Overall Dual Zone is a unique experience and is equally as frustrating as it is alluring. It really is exercise for the brain. Hey and although indie games don’t have achievements this game does have awards you earn.

4 out of 5