Try Not to Fart an XBLIG Review

Silver Dollar Games‘ created Try Not to Fart for the indie game marketplace. I’ll start by saying it is different. I honestly can’t think of another game like it. I know before I played it, the title always made me think of a flash game titled “Don’t Shit Your Pants”. A bizarre little game that was entertaining for about 3 whole minutes. So I avoided Try Not to Fart fearing a similar experience, but eventually I gave it a shot.

Well, it isn’t like that other game at all. This game is once again filled with South Park style characters like some other games by Silver Dollar Games. The premise is your going to meet a girl you met online in a bar and then from that point on you continue through the relationship with those pivotal moments like the first kiss and meeting the parents. These are the stages for you to hold it in.

Now the game has voice acting which allows for those typical questions you expect to be asked can be without text to read. What is said is sometimes humorous, but would be much better if the statements were in some form of order. For instance you may tell her parents where you work, then 30 seconds later they ask what do you do for a living. This does create a random conversation that also has unique statements after you do cut the cheese.

The gameplay is easy to understand, but painful to do. There is a tolerance bar that decreases every time you let one loose. A timer ticks down as you must make it for a specific amount of time to make it to the next stage. You will do this by playing a painful game of Twister with your fingers. The eight buttons; A, B, X, Y, LB, LT, RB, RT are the buttons you will be using. On the screen one or more buttons will light up, you must then press and hold those buttons and those buttons only. Once a button begins to flash it is time to release that button only. The order of the buttons lighting up and the order of releasing them is not the same. While you are holding one button another will light up and you need to get that button without releasing the ones you are already holding. Once you hit a certain point you will be dealing with so many buttons going on and turning off that you may find yourself holding the controller in some of the oddest ways. I know I did.

The game has no online scoreboard so you’re only competing with others in your house who may be interested in playing this with you. More likely it’ll just be you against yourself. It is single player anyways so you would just be switching off even if you do have someone else to play with. After a few rounds of this, it made my hands hurt and lose my desire to play any game for a bit to let my hands rest.

I have a feeling, I am far from their intended target audience. I found the disjointed conversation a more annoying than interesting. The humorous moments are quickly passing as the boring aspects of the conversation continues on. By the point of the marriage proposal you would think that any girl that stayed with him that long would have realized that he has to have some form of gastric disorder. I mean the amount of times he lets one rip is downright ludicrous, but that is the game. Maybe if I was 10 yrs younger I would have found it far funnier, instead it just did nothing for me. If you like games that really challenge your finger dexterity then this is definitely a good one. If you like toilet jokes or just the idea of playing a game that will make your girlfriend role her eyes at you, here you go. The unique concept and South Park art style just wasn’t enough to keep me interested.

I give this a 1 out of 5 honestly, go pick up headshot Z if you want to look at their art style. There are just too many far better games to spend your time with in the XBLIG marketplace.

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