Avatar Bump! Review

Avatar Bump! by Milkstone Studios is a sort of a bumper car arena game. No actual cars though just tires, pumpkins, barrels and such. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of avatar games, although my kids are. This game reminded me a lot of mini games from games like Mario Party, but with more options to the one mini game. Here me out I’ll explain.

You have a single player mode, co-op mode and a multiplayer mode. That is pretty much it as far as the modes go. In single player its all about staying alive. longer your alive more points you earn. knock opponents out of the arena and they end up on a conveyor belt that circles the arena. After a time they will be let back in to the arena that goes for you too. That is unless you run out of lives/hearts. It seems like a pretty simple concept for single player, but its not as easy as it sounds. The longer you go the more opponents enter the arena. Not to mention the power-ups that appear in the arena that have many varying effects. Some freeze you making you an easy target, some make it hard to move you, another causes an earthquake and many others. All these little things actually make the single player game surprisingly difficult.

Co-op mode is pretty much the same thing as single player mode just with a partner. There isn’t really much to add to it than that. It’s fun but it doesn’t really change much of the game.

Now multiplayer is where it gets really fun in my opinion. There are a number of game types in multiplayer mode. You have your basic gain points for knocking others out. One mode is to be the first person to stay in the ring for the most time. One is all about collecting star coins, if you get knocked out of the arena you lose a bunch. So you have to get back in there and collect as many as you can and knock the new leader out of the arena. There are many modes one in which its like tag and after a certain amount of time it will blow up who ever is it. So you need to bump your opponents and then avoid them. All of the options make this a great local multiplayer game.

This game is a great family game and your young ones are sure to love it. Older gamers will probably grow tired of the single player option and wish the multiplayer option was not local only. It is a well built game and I didn’t find any flaws in its gameplay or controls. If you have people you play games with who like games that aren’t to serious and just want to knock you around a little, they would probably enjoy playing this with you. Just don’t expect to lose hours playing this game. It just doesn’t get you like that, it is definitely pick-up play for a bit then play it again in another week.

As that I do like this game and can’t see anything wrong with it or how it’s playability I give this game a 4 out of 5. Grab your kids or younger siblings and have some fun.