Junk Fields Review

Junk Fields by Jey en, is your 3rd Person Customizable Mech Game. This game reminds me of a cross between two games, Chromehounds and Armor Core 4. I know the graphics are not as good as either of those two games, but they are pretty close to Chromehounds. Now I know you must be aching to know if this is a good game, so lets get to it.

First off, you can start the story or continue from a previous game. Once the game begins you get a storyline, about your army and the enemies. So you get your first mission. It eases you into the cockpit. This first mission is really all about learning what your doing. The missions increase in difficulty the farther along you go. The game features saves so between missions you can quit and know you can come back to where you left off.

Now lets talk about the mech. In between missions you can shop for new guns and mechs, to set your mech up your way. Sorry you are not able to reconfigure the style of the mech just its artillery. Each gun has different properties and amounts of ammunition. The most damaging weapon is not always the way to go though. With the amount you need to wait to fire being different for each weapon a powerful gun with a long wait time can be the death of you. You’re mech has 4 slots for weapons.  Although one slot is for a melee attack and I have yet to see any weapons for that arm.

The missions are fun and easy to figure out what you need to do. Although knowing it and doing it aren’t always the same. There are very few environmental objects to a stage. So most stages just look like a barren desert. Weapons are laying around the battle field so you can always grab one one you start to run out of ammo. You won’t know what weapon it is until it is picked up, but it beats not having anyway to fight back aside from punching your enemies. After you complete a mission you can play it and any other missions you completed to your hearts content. As a bonus, you can keep getting money for doing it. This helps in getting the cash to get that new gun in the shop.

Outside of all that you also have jump jets that allow you to whip across the field, jump up into the air, or just quickly slide to the side to aviod getting hit. The game utilizes the triggers and bumpers to attack with each weapon type. The HUD is easily visible so, you know when you are running out of ammo. The mechs handle well, gameplay is easy to grasp, and missions that are fast paced.

Now the few things that I felt were let-downs were no multiplayer local or live. Some might be annoyed by the English translation since it is pretty bad, although it isn’t hard to get what they are saying. So for me this was a non-issue. The mechs and landscape are very bland and a little sprucing up of the maps for a different feel to the stages would have been nice.

I felt this game was a 4 out of 5. If your a mech fan you’ll love it, if not give it a try.