Warbirds at Work Review

Warbirds at Work is a shmup developed by Kaapedev. Warbirds is a vertical scrolling game where the object is to fight alien invaders. There is no storyline to the game as well as no end. It is definitely a game built for playing for you best score. The game has some nice features you won’t see in many other shmups, so we’ll start with that.

This game sports randomized levels. Which is pretty cool because you never know what background you’ll be fighting over of the 7 different backgrounds. I like the backgrounds for this game. It is always nice to have something a little different under your ship than just the black back drop of space. With 2 dozen enemies to go up against there is a good variety of appearance. I really like the detail put into all the ships, I personally just wish some were a little bigger.

Much like most shmups there are power-ups you can pick up from destroyed enemy ships. And early on you’ll have no problem powering up to a pretty beastly warbird. As long as you can see the power-ups. They are pretty small and with some of the backgrounds it can be really hard to see them. You have five different attack types your standard attack never runs out, but all the others you’ll need to pick up power-ups to replenish their ammo.

There is a lot to like about this game and if you’re looking for a new shmup to play this isn’t all bad. There are some aspects I was bothered by. I’ll go over them here as my warning on what to expect. The first thing I thought just felt so wrong was you’re basic fire as well as all enemy fire is just little dots. With ships as detailed as they are in this game you would expect that the bullets you would be dodging would be more than small dots that also tend to blend into some of the backgrounds. The second thing I was bothered by was at the end of every level is a boss fight. I would beat this “boss fight” without even realizing who the boss was. They look like the ships you already fight and only take a little more damage to destroy them. Which leads to the 3rd thing that I was bothered by and that is that I cold easily get to the 8th and 9th levels without dying once. Then when you do die you lose all your power-ups. What I found was by the time you get to those levels the enemies start to come in larger numbers and now you just start dying left and right trying to get power-ups to get back in the groove. I honestly just couldn’t do it. My final issue with the game is that there is no leaderboard online or locally. For a shmup highscores are what it is all about. When you can’t just look to see what your best score was and what you’re trying to beat It just feels like there is nothing to accomplish.

Overall the game isn’t bad, just stripped down in areas that seem odd when compared to other shmups on the indie marketplace. I really wanted to like this game more, especially with the levels always being different. If you are looking for another shmup that won’t cost you much, download the trial for this game.

3 out of 5 Worth at least a trial run.