Kozu Review

Running Pixel‘s Kozu is described as an graphical and musical experiment on a twin stick shooter. I found the experiment to be successful in my opinion. With so many twin stick shooters available on both Xbox Arcade and the indie game marketplaces they all start to blend together. So you need something to set them apart.

How many times can you be content with the little person shooting zombies or the little ship shooting neon geometric shapes? I find the genre fun, but a bit over-saturated. Kozu offers something different and shows that you can still make a twin stick shooter that doesn’t make you feel like your playing the same game as all the others.

If you are wondering what is different about Kozu, lets break it down the music changes and each track is very different. No techno blend here which is refreshing. The other difference is the graphics, this is something I really got into. The play field is designed to look like paper with Asian writing on it. Some of the symbols are moving, whether it is spinning or moving at an angle. As you play the backdrop changes regularly as does the music. The differences do not end there though. You play as a person shooting at the enemies with different types of weapons, but the person you are looks like it was drawn with a calligraphy brush and the enemies have that same look to them.

The enemies and player are larger in this game than they appear in other twin stick shooters. Making everything more visible. The enemies poof into existence all over the play field. Many times popping up right behind you as you are walking backwards. This offers a nice challenge to the game since it appears that where they appear is based on where you are.

The game supports; no, encourages online play as that Quick Game(Live) is the top option. Sadly I couldn’t find a match online and although I created a match, no one joined. So I had to play locally with my girlfriend and it was fun but a little difficult running two people on the same screen even though it zoomed out when we got farther apart. On this I can only hope more people will realize that this game is worth getting and an online game will be easier to start up in the future.

For its solid gameplay and unique look and feel I give this a 4 out of 5.