Ubergridder Review – Winter Uprising

Here’s another indie game from the Winter Uprising that you may have missed. Badger Punch GamesUbergridder is an interesting game that I find hard to classify. That isn’t a bad thing though a lot of games that make it to the marketplace are very similar to each other, but I can’t think of one like this.

Ubergridder has a bit of a flash game feel with more punch. So here is the deal, your ships damaged and repairs are needed. So you play the little robot that must fix the outer parts of the ship. This is no easy task for the little robot, aliens are going to try to attack the robot and stop it from completing its task. Your also fighting the clock, so don’t lollygag.

Now to fix the ship you have to completely walk around all the electrical lines. When any piece is completed it will show its repaired by filling in the center of that grid. All the while the aliens walk around the grid lines with you, but fear not your robot is armed with alien grub to distract the aliens away from you. Just drop it and run when they are behind you. As you play it shows what part of the ship your repairing on the left and what parts you’ve already completed.

So there you have it a simple concept, but a tough game. Those aliens are sometimes really smart and tail you like you wouldn’t believe it. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you manage to shake one without using alien bait. There is a local leaderboard so get your family to play it with you to see who’s the fastest. Ubergridder has some nice visuals and good music to go with it and it’s probably the game you didn’t bother to look at.

I highly recommend you play the trial, you may like it more than you thought you would.

For its solid straight forward gameplay and visual goodness I have to say this is an easy 4 out of 5.