Break Limit Review – Winter Uprising

Zombie Monkey GamesBreak Limit is definitely a blast that should not be missed. This indie game is another entry to the Winter Uprising. This shmup is a speedy game with some interesting features.

First off the game has 2 systems to choose from with a third on the way with a future update. The systems are titled Alpha Centauri, Delta Orion and the final one yet to be released is Triton Omega. Delta Orion is vastly more difficult than Alpha Centauri. Although the systems alone are not the only difficulty. Each system can be played in Novice, Adept, Expert, and finally Master difficulty levels. To play Master difficulty you must first unlock it by beating the system on Expert mode.

This task is not easy, but is a blast doing it. Some of the features that set this shmup apart from others is that you can fire forward or you can use the right stick and fire in any directions. You also have the break limit ability. When you activate break limit a shielding appears in the front of your ship allowing you to plow your way through anything in front of you at a much faster speed than before. This ability is limited though and you’ll need to pick up energy to keep it charged.

The game starts as a vertical shooter, but at points within the system you can turn on to a horizontal path changing it to a horizontal shooter for a time going either left or right depending upon the path chosen. All the while every time you play, your highscore is added to the online leaderboards. The points you make during a play through also add to a leveling system that allows you to start with weapons and shields.

So the more you play the easier the initial difficulties get. Don’t get me wrong even with the update to make the game easier, Delta Orion is still really tough. You’ll need that extra boost from previous plays more than you think or you’ll be metallic wasp food before you know it. Get out there and work on your highscore.

Take this game out for a test flight it’s a lot more fun than you may think.
I give this a 5 out of 5.