Asteroids Do Concern Me Review – Winter Uprising

Evil Robot Logic‘s Asteroids Do Concern Me is an interesting indie game. This game would have probably easily have fallen under the radar had it not been for the Winter Uprising and that would have been a shame. The game is easy to pick up play and put down to come back to it later. It has a lot of playtime to offer for such a simple game.

Asteroids DCM has four game modes, each with 5 difficulties. The higher the difficulty the faster the game is. It has Classic mode which is your standard ship flying horizontally with asteroids and other obstacles in the way. Retro mode pixilates everything and turns it all a green hew reminding you of games long since past. Double Rainbow mode is like your acid trip mode. Your ship flies around clouds and other weird things collecting hot air balloons. While the last mode is Notebook mode. In notebook mode the backdrop is like a notepad with everything looking like it was drawn by pencil.

Now all modes the object is to avoid the obstacles and grab the spheres/hot air balloons. Each mode the obstacles move differently changing your methods to avoiding them per mode. What is really neat about the game is it is all done with one button. You heard me right, one button.

This one button is your thrust or engine. You press it and you go up. The longer you hold it the faster you’ll rise. Release and you start to descend towards the rocky floor. Press for too long and you’ll splat on the ceiling. It takes some time to get used to how much time to hold it. When to tap it to stay steady all the while avoiding the asteroids and floor and ceiling. This side-scroller may seem boring, but it’s not. It really is quite challenging. It maintains a local scoreboard, sorry no comparison to other players. It’s all about beating your own score, which rises the farther you get.

One more thing is of note, the humorous messages after you hit the asteroids. Some of these are just hysterical. Sometimes you want to crash just to see the next message.

But in the end I give this game a 4 out of 5.

It is not for everyone but for 80 msp you won’t feel like you were short changed.