Chu’s Dynasty Review – Winter Uprising

The Indie Games Winter Uprising continues with Tribetoy‘s Chu’s Dynasty. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe the beauty of this game. The artwork is just plain incredible and the gameplay doesn’t fall short either. The Asian theme of the game is so nicely done, you’ll forget this is an Indie game. With great backgrounds and beautiful stage layout that is perfect for the 4 player beat-em up.

This is a great 2D 4 player fighting game that has 4 very different playable characters. Although all the moves are activated the same way for each character the play style needed to properly take advantage of those moves differs greatly with each character. The added twist of the energy form that you can turn into to float up and away from an enemy is sweet. While it takes some time to figure out how to best use each characters time bending move. This game has what it takes to make you want to keep on fighting it out with your family.

Now on to the AI, I have to admit I’m not so great at fighters I love SFII and Super Smash Bros and this game has a little of the feel from both those games, but only a little as you realize that the moves are so different from either of those games. Back to topic, on Normal I made it to the second stage and got my head handed to me many times. I can’t stress it enough the AI is good. This may had a lot to do with the fact that I am far from mastering the combos and when to unleash the special move or use a time move. The computer doesn’t relent. So get some practice in with a friend.

You have a few modes to play the game in. Story mode which each of the 4 characters has their own story. As you wage combat against AI battles. First time through I suggest Easy mode. There is your standard vs mode which allows up to 4 players human or computers. In this mode it’s just a simple beat down until one player has 2 wins. Another mode is Vs Team mode which allows you to team up with your buddy against the cpu or other players. Could be nice if one player is really good and the other two aren’t.

Anyway you look at it, I suggest you check out the options menu to look up the controls. Otherwise you’ll just be button mashing without a clue as to how to use the time move or what the differences between the characters.

My only complaint is that there is no online mode so to play the multiplayer mode you have to all be on the same box. Now for me this isn’t an issue, between me and my family we can easily fill the spots up. Plus I think it’s just so much better when you are all in the same room. But if your only friends are online you won’t get to kick their teeth in with this game.

My rating is a 5 out of 5.

This game could have been sold for 400 msp and still have been well worth the purchase, but you can get it for 240 msp. So what are you waiting for download it now.