Headshot Z Review

Silver Dollar Games‘ most recent “Headshot” game, Headshot Z is the first Headshot game I’ve played. So don’t expect me to be able to give you any sort of comparison between Z, 1 and 2. This review will be completely based on the merit of Headshot Z alone without any expectations caused from previous releases.

So if you are like me, you might have asked what is Headshot Z? What can it be compared to? Well I felt like I was playing a game of where is the moving Waldo. Everyone looks like they rolled out of South Park and well they need your help to get away from the zombies. They need it bad.

As the people walk around on the screen staring at you, they are completely oblivious to the zombie that will walk up to them and chew on them till they turn or you shoot the zombie in the head. You’re work isn’t done yet though. If any of these hapless people get bit even for a second they will begin to change so reload and shoot them now to save yourself the trouble later.

Now the Waldo’s your looking for don’t have that ridiculous red and white sweater, but they still have a very distinguishable feature. They have glowing yellow eyes, I guess being a zombie causes you to have a bad case of Jaundice. Although the fact that they could be behind a group of people can make them hard to find.

Okay now that you know what your looking at here lets get into the gameplay. Once you start the game you have the option to start the game or if you’ve beaten the first 20 levels you can start the harder game. I couldn’t get that far in to unlock it, but those are your options. Each level starts out with a number of zombies that will begin to appear and a number of acceptable casualties. As you kill the zombies the number drops, but as the zombies bite others the number of zombies raises and the number of casualties available drops. The casualties will also drop if you kill a non-infected. If you run out of acceptable casualties you lose game over. If you remove all the zombies from a level you move on to the next stage.

The stages are all pretty different. Some separate the people by floors, some by walls making it very difficult to watch all the locations. Not to mention smoke and pillars that block your line of fire. All these things the zombies will walk behind and possibly grab a victim when you can’t see them. So you have to spot them fast, target them, zoom in and shoot them in the head. You will get to watch many cartoon heads pop this way. If you stay zoomed in you’ll move to slow to find the next zombie. What I noticed was you really need to get good enough to take the head-shot without zooming in since that will shave some time  between shots.

Overall the game feels really repetitive to me, not bad just repetitive. It’s put together nicely and if you like seeing heads pop you’ll probably get some laughs and you might get a kick out of playing it. Don’t expect anything all to neat. The stages look nice and apocalyptic but all the people just seem to stand out so very much against the stage. But if you love all things zombie this game does have that going for it.

3 out of 5 in my opinion. I just couldn’t get into it. It wasn’t bad just not for me.